The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



And that my friends is the clearest sign of adulthood: you se a day like today and you go: what a wonderful day for laundry.

Interstingly, after an initial mold spread at the beginning of winter, due to the constant rain, it is temporarily gone. It could be what I used to clean it up but I am very pleasantly surprised.


And tomorrow evening rain will come back… Sigh…


When you run the dehumidifier, in addition to closing the windows and doors in the room, open up all the wardrobe/closet doors and pull all the drawers out halfway.

No must, no fuss.

(See what I did there?)


This is a great tip, I do this while I’m sleeping since I always run the dehumidifier during that time.

I’d also recommend tucking a bar of soap in with your sheets, towels, and any clothes that are in seasonal storage. Or anywhere you want, really. I threw a couple bars of soap in the compartment under my couch where I keep extra blankets and pillows so now when I pull them out they smell fresh and pleasant.


How bout this sunshine in Taipei, folks?? It was downright warm yesterday, looks like the trend is continuing today. I got the windows thrown open and I’m sitting in the rays like a cat.


Do not call this a trend. There is no trend.


Too true on this island where the weather can change dramatically in a single night…


What, so now I have to get soap???
Fuck that, man.


How about some nice potpourri?


Don’t let the neighbors see you licking your butt.


I’m struggling keeping my bathroom dry and therefore, battling mold. Any suggestions? Do you guys keep dehumidifier on all day? Where can I get a good but not so expensive and not too bulky one (I live in a small place, so I don’t really want another big equipment that I have to move around).


I was worried early this morning since I wake up with my clothes not yet dry and there seems to be no sun, but alas, come 10am, the sun came out and I left house at 11am with sunshine.


Don’t leave your dehumidifier on all day while you aren’t home.

Get a little fan just for the bathroom and leave that on to circulate air. Get some extra big clothes hangers to spread out your towels if you don’t already have a bar for hanging them dry.


I feel you may be misusing “alas”…try it with “lo and behold”


My towels are alright - I have a bar for hanging. The floor edges are the ones getting those nasty molds. I find the humidity varies a lot, there were moments wherein I have my bathroom for two days, the floor won’t dry (I used the gym to shower o.O), but there are also days (which thankfully most of the time) where I came back home to a dry(ier) floor.


I’m telling you, just get a little oscillating fan and set it right at the doorway. It makes a huge difference!


全國電子 has the Panasonic on sale for 8k until the 20th, I think.


Fans are the fascizzle.


27 degrees and muggy…inside the office. I feel sticky. I do not like to feel sticky.

If I turn on the fan my papers start flying around.

took off my socks. feel a lot better. stripping may continue.