The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019




Doesn’t your office have air con?


Most of the good ones will be bulky, but those are the ones to have. Best to stick to the Japan (maybe even Korean) brands and stay away from brands like Teco and Taitung, which are well known for breaking.

Winter months you’ll def need a unit, but summer months you can use the AC unit.

As others have said, don’t leave the dehumidifier on all day. Sometimes what I do (in winter months) if it gets really really humid, is turn on the AC unit’s dehumidifying function and set a timer for a few hours after you’ve left for work. I have found this is ok and haven’t ran into any issues.


@Xerophytes you should jump on this bargain! I got a medium size Panasonic and a big boy Panasonic at home and they do a stellar job, plus 全國 will help you out with it if something goes awry.

You could even get your little bathroom fan there too while you’re at it. And just like that, your place will be nice and dry and comfortable.


Weather forecast for Tamsui at Wunderground, just now …something I did not get :)?


Wow, I wish.


Government memo: (not meme, memo)

DO NOT turn on the air con until two people or more have fainted, sorry, it is over 32 degrees, from June to August. Temperature cannot be set over 26 degrees.

End of memo.


Well, I guess you guys have to lead by example. :sunglasses:

Blame the Japanese. That’s where the government got that idea in the first place.


The little fan is a must. I got a new cleaner too, will post pic if I remember…

Linkie to Panasonic sale (it is less than what it says here when you go to the store):


It’s not for Tamsui. And it’s not Dingshuiwei in Taiwan.


Which one? The save energy by setting all AC at 26? Or not turning it one until it is officially summer by the Golden Emperor´s calendar, in spite of outside temperatures?


There’s another Dingshuiwei other than the one in Taoyuan?


This one. When the government rolled out the plan, they kept referring to it already being the policy in Japan. I mean, the Japanese are smarter and more advanced in every area, right?


I tried to find one across the ditch. Taoyuan isn’t likely to snow tonight now is it?

Eric may have pulled up a cached screenshot from three years ago…


Well, since the ones who thought this up do reside in Japanese era buildings that somehow manage to remain fresher throughout the year, it does not surprise me.

Those of us in modern death traps do mind.


Pardon my stupidity, since I NEVER used a dehumidifier before, but what is the difference between these two:

One is at 8791 and the other is 5290.

I live in a small room and pretty much whatever I buy now will be crowded already, so I am hoping to find something compact. Is it necessary for me to buy both fan and dehumidifier?

Another note is what will be the advantage of going to 全國 as opposed to buying it online and have the item sent to me? Isn’t this bulky and will require me to transport the item? Take note, I don’t own a scooter, don’t want to pay for taxi and I don’t own a car.


Can someone explain to me how different these are? What should I pick lol.


First difference is size: 6 ping, 8 ping and 11 ping.

Now we need to know how many ping is your room. Small … depends.

Then functions: Nanoe for example helps to humidify the air, to put it simply.

Econavi means it is very energy efficient.

The others I cannot see the small letters, but cha bu duo.

In your PC Home link you have two different models, with different capacities. One is 11 liters, the other 6 liters. Meaning that is the amount of water their reservoirs can take, when they fill up they stop.

Also, one is for an 8 ping room -average- the otehr for a 14 ping room -large.

Anotehr factor that makes the price difference is whether the thing was made in Japan or in Taiwan. Panasonic does has an ensemble line in Taiwan.


They should deliver the item to your home for free. That’s what they did with my dehumidifiers, my washing machine, my main fan…all delivered for free or maybe it was an incredibly marginal fee, I don’t remember because I was getting a lot of deliveries from various companies around the time that I moved in.

I strongly advise that you get a small fan just for circulating air through your bathroom as well as a dehumidifier for your main room for comfort.


Then I guess, I’ll have to pay 全國 a visit this weekend.


全國 should hire me and @Icon to be their commercial representatives. I feel like we are always singing their praises on this here board.


I was dying for some snow showers :slight_smile: