The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



Nanoe is a type of air purification, it’s claimed by putting a charge on water molecules it does various good things,

The capacity’s given are the volume of water the dehumidifier can remove from the air under a given set of operating conditions. The conditions may vary between manufacturers so are not necessarily directly comparable.

The more expensive units may have a different type of compressor which is quieter and more efficient. You can try to find model information from the retailer.


it’s raining in hualien, lul


It’s been like it’s about to rain in Taipei all afternoon. We went out early for a walk after lunch, haven’t made it home yet. It is dsrk and gloomy but no rain yet.




they don’t like a clear blue sky for some reason. probably to do with getting tanned. so pollution is here to stay, they don’t give a fuck, they are not missing out on anything in their opinion. clear blue skies and no pollution < being able to ride a scooter to 7 11/ avoiding a tan


Forecast for today last night was 19 degrees, 50% chance of rain.

Right now forecast is 19 to 21 degrees, with 90% chance of rain. Sun is blazing. :rant:

I am wearing thermal underwear and rainboots. It is 25 degrees indoors. :noway:

For the evening forecast is 100% rain.



I’m in Taipei today and I see nothing but clouds.


Taipei main station here. Typing through the sunshine…


Soooooo, you’re complaining because…it’s sunny???


It seems like going to rain this afternoon :roll_eyes:


Sunshine on my eyes… bit unconfortable. But the problem is that I have thermal on and a sweater, so…bit uncomfortable.


That’s too bad :frowning:

Maybe when you get your CNY bonus, you can invest in that new kind of thermal underwear they got, I read how they got it so you can take it off.

Friggin amazing


taipei’s unbearable sunlight.


yeah, yeah, it´s gone now. Next time I´ll take a picture.

Try to guess why I can´t take the friggin thermal off right now…



I think that “The Great Icon’s 1/15/2019’s Taipei Sunshine Scare” will be remembered as one of the wackiest conspiracy theories of 2019…
Maybe it was a very bright street lamp that had just been installed, they started testing it during the day and it confused you. We have all been through that, don’t worry.


Maybe it was just my angels shining on me. Smug, smug.

Heck, my blinds were drawn and I still had light on my face.


Yeah, you can laugh. But it’s NOT easy to live, I mean to survive, with so many earthquakes, rain, typhoons, wind, clouds, and sunlight.

It’s not funny at all.




That reduces the options to the following three:

a) There was a single ray of light that travelled almost 150 million kilometers, made its way through an endless sea of clouds and hit your window, with no one else in Taipei noticing anything

b) Too much alcohol for breakfast (or not enough)

c) Most sci-fi movies have UFOs casting lights outside of blinds, so you just survived a potential alien abduction (or you saved your pets from one)


On my third cup of coffee. That might be it.