The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



Things that could be confused with sunshine. Any more?

a) Neighbor’s plant lights are so bright they cast a shadow even in the daytime.


Wouldn’t that mean you’re friggin dead???


That’s possible. It could be a stalker/secret admirer who bought a 5000kw lamp and pointed it at Icon’s window.
“Maybe Icon-senpai will finally notice me!”


d) Hot flashes from early-onset menopause. :sunglasses:


It is not a hot flash when you are overdressed…but I will laugh my way home as I will be dry and you guys will be driving a scooter in the rain!


OK, you win this time…


I am saying this so it won´t rain. Murphy´s Law you know…



Good grief. What is this, Yakutsk?


What scooter? what rain?

And for some people here… what home?


It said 19 degrees and rainy. It gets cold in the bunker.


Weather forecast still says 100% rain for Northern Taiwan.


Now, seriously… why do you have so many winter clothes, and why did you decide to wear some today? I’m looking forward some really cold days so that some of my winter gear makes any sense here. Otherwise it’s a waste of money… maybe that’s why you wear them today under this strong sun?


Weather forecasters can suck my dick so far.


See? He saw the sun too!


Yeah, sure… we all “saw” it… ehem…



Better not. They will probably miss the spot and lick something else.




If I get wet on the way home today I invite you all to beer*

*Offer valid until end of budget in my pocket.


Don´t temp fate!


holy shit, there’s some legit sunlight now. Is icon a precog ? Can she see in the future?

Now all the people who doubted her ability look like fools. Will they ever recover?