The Taiwan Weather Thread 2020

Are you getting whacked with rain?


Yes, this morning as of now.

Got rain until noon in Taitung. Been cooler (30-33) the last few days.


A neighbor was saying it feels like Autumn weather. I thought we only had extra hot/ extra cold switch now.

In Taipei, it feels like summer isn’t going anywhere.

We’ve gone from hot to hot and windy.

Yah, i’m a loving this pre-typhoony feel weather in Taipei, warm and sunny blue clear skies, some breeze.

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I am seeing a 90% chance of rain today. Don’t know what shoes to wear. Rain boots in this heat are a no no.

Don’t you have some fashion flip-flops?

Flip flops are slippery and it floods around our office. They will end with them and me floating down a gutter.

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All in all I have to say, despite the record high temperatures, it’s been a reasonably pleasant summer in the north so far. Sure it’s mid to high 30’s but the humidity stayed off for the most part, we’ve had mostly blue skies and even the air temperatures have dropped of late. It’s setting up for a nice autumn! There, I’ve jinxed it, enjoy!


A rare opportunity to promote Kaohsiung as Venice of Taiwan to boost tourism.

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At least it is not Louisiana.

Where is the rain? They said it will rain for a week but it’s been nothing but sunny in Taipei. And it’s HOT.

Dunno where you are but it is dark as 6pm here around Taipei Main.

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The rain has started in my corner of Taipei City.

Heavy rain alert—nearly 10 cm forecast in Daan District. Watch out!


Your wish has been granted.

Bit cooler. Today it is a 3 cat night. Bearable.

Normally in summer I kick them away or they will stick to my sweaty back/arms.