The Taiwan Weather Thread 2020

Yeah I was surprised my bill came in much lower too. I think I hit 8000 last year for the hottest two months.

Have your thyroid gland tested for irregularity , lay of the Twinkie’s if the test comes back problematic .

I don’t eat Twinkies. :popcorn:

I don’t know how you do that.

My bill last month (yes, month) was 4900. The month before that was around 2000. I only have 1 AC unit, one bedroom. The AC in the shop hardly gets any use because it’s next to useless.

That’s why I hate the Taipower billing scheme. It kills people who have to share bills.


Good for you :+1:

I got lucky in that the apartment actually has some insulation, in additional to closed in balcony’s front and rear which create another layer of insulation. After turning off an AC any of the rooms remain comfortable for at least an hour even in the height of summer. My previous apartment was in the same building and much smaller, no insulation or balcony’s so my bills were pretty much double what I pay now in a substantially bigger place.

I pay 200 NTD in water bills. Electricity has never been higher than 1000 NTD. :happyrunningaround:

Definitely a Catholic.

Good heavens man, I have never been Catholic. Well, there was a bit of experimenting in college but no.

I just couldn’t fix the AC. And I slept naked.

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I’m a little bitter about the lack of typhoons this summer. Zero days off??? WTH man.


First time the hot water has been used in the shower for many months today - even needed a new battery for the Starter thingy.

T - 24 hours until the mosquitoes arrive. Get out your nets.

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After 48 hours of constant rain, we will need a day or two of sunshine…maybe by Thursday.

Well, I hope we have enough water by now.

Gawd what a bloody miserable gray day it is out there. Glad it is almost over.


It’s not that bad now.

If you can, enjoy the cool evening weather! : D


Yeah, it does not bode well for winter. I remember one year it rained for months on end. Literally.

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That was actually every year. They all merge into one after a while.


There are however degrees of bad. Some years it really was bad…yet incredibly we survived to tell the tale! : D


Remember that time it snowed? That was a fun year.


Two different predictions for tomorrow.


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