The Taiwan Weather Thread 2020

So, apparently, tomorrow we have 34 degrees but Monday it goes back to cold.

Wasn’t that right

17 degrees at top of YMS this morning. Probably cooler at night.

Starting to rain and I just happen to be passing by a daytime pub.

What an (un) fortunate coincidence.


I don’t get it. It’s supposed to be balmy and glorious October right now. Biking season is slipping away.

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Yeah it’s getting frustrating.

On the plus side I may be on track for the most meters I’ve swum in a month. Pity that the Strava monthly total is a disaster.


I’m gaining my winter weight 1.5 months early.

This is not acceptable. Luckily, I have no more races for the rest of the year, but this weather sucks royal donkey balls.


This is the lousiest October weather I’ve seen in northern Taiwan since I moved here.

And to add insult to injury, we apparently also have a water shortage!!!

It’s like the worst of both worlds.



It’s funny that it never rains where the resoviors are.

But it seems typhoons bring in the water that we need, and this year there hasn’t been any.

Worst I’ve seen in thirty years and it’s not ending anytime soon.

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But as you wrote above, what’s even more frustrating is it’s barely even raining! Enough to keep me inside, but not enough to do much useful for the water levels.

Any supporters of a biodome being built over Taipei? Just throwing it out there…

Exactly. So when and if I see the roads dry, I take that as a sign and at least get out on the riverside for 30-40km…

…that’s only happened once though. I got lucky, left with the roads wet, finished my ride and it started raining 2 mins afterwards.

I miss sunlight…

Am I the only person literally dancing in the rain? I love this weather. Reminds me of winter back home in SoCal. Dreary, rainy, with just enough nip in the air to feel refreshing.

I hate the summers here.

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It rains in SoCal?

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I lived in the Pomona/Claremont area and it was sunny every day. I often wished for rain or even clouds.

I would…

And the biodome will be kept at a temperature of roughly 23C year round, day or night.

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