The Taiwan Weather Thread 2020

Hmmm. Toasty! Temperature dropped from a high of 20° to 12° this morning!

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Watch out folks! Temperatures will keep dropping throughout the day, down to around 7C tonight in Taipei.


Feels nice and crisp. Just need the sun out, am I asking too much?


If this stirs your cup, enjoy it! : D


I just put on a load of laundry! It’ll be dry by tonight, right?


7c, oh no, whatever are we gonna do???

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I’m in Tainan right now, and the wind us insane! so loud!!

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Yeah! Hopefully temperatures will continue to improve and we get some approximating a proper winter!

And still going down - here it was 10c at 10am, feels like 6c. Light wind, not raining, though looks close to it.

Definite chance of a wee dusting of snow in Yangmingshan tomorrow. I recommend you all head up there to see in the new year. :snowflake:

So … you’re telling me this was the wrong morning to wash my duvet?

(That’s a joke. I did just hang laundry out to dry, but nothing out there will be needed for at least a few days. And if things don’t dry, well, a three-day weekend at home is a good scenario for wearing slightly dirty clothing.)

I’ve now realized my weather app (Forecast Bar) that was predicting 3C was giving me the feels-like rather than actual air temperature, so it wasn’t out of line with other forecasts. Current forecast is for temps bottoming out at 7C actual, feels like 3C, early tomorrow morning.

I’ve got a down vest I haven’t worn since traveling in Nepal well over a decade ago. May actually use the darn thing.

Ha. Narrow winding Yangmingshan roads + ice and snow + thousands of drivers who have never driven in snow + vehicles woefully unequipped to deal with snow and ice. That’ll be fun.


It’s going to be a sleeping bag jacket party out there today.


Yesterday was 26C and very sunny, now cloudy and 19-20C in Kaohsuing


Dropping more.

10.9° at 11:43am in the north coast.


I’m guessing you’ve got a weather station? Any idea if those things are much use when they’re used on an apartment building, or does the ambient temperature and wind from the building mess up the readings too much?

Go on, rub it in - just wait until the steelworks send their “fog” over you next time.

Lol @lawmakers
It was 4c once in wanli and there was snow on YMS in the early hours of the morning

Froze a witches tits off I heard

Yes. I miss 33℃.

Poor reporters freezing in Datun and Shueshan, all for the live report.

Currently one degree, frosty but not yet snowing.

Don’t worry, they will have their hot water thermoses with them, they’ll be just fine.