The Taiwan Weather Thread 2020

It’s even cold in Kaohsiung. 16 degrees. But tomorrow the sun will return.

Aye, whisky drinking weather.

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I feel I will be enjoying a wee dram of Ardbeg 10 very soon. If only I could sit by a fireplace. Not a smoker but maybe a pipe would be nice too. Okay, scratch that. My imagination is getting out of control.


How about a wood burning stove?

The wife just asked me to fire it up.


Very nice. I hope you have some scotch to go with that.

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It’s already around 7 degrees science, and they are expecting another wave to drop the temperature by another degree.

It isn’t over.

wrong thread

Nobody talking about how it’s cold af in the wee hours of the day and then 28c during the day?

Feels like San Francisco weather. This…I am ok with.

Because this thread is about 2020