The Taiwan Weather Thread 2021

I’m hoping Taipei stays cold as long as possible. People can actually go outside and enjoy some things in the daytime.

Before it turns overnight into unbearably hot in addition to being unbearably wet and gray.


Oh oh 9 degrees means 7 here in Xindian…

Tonight my nose is freezing even though the heater is running. I have 3 tuna powered heaters under the covers and one on top between my legs. This ain’t a drill.


Northern coast 22:45 - Outside is cloudless and brisk. As long as the clouds don’t come in, it’ll be pretty chilly tomorrow morning at sun up.

03:15am. Cold, clear skies, low humidity. 13.7°

13 to 26 in six hours tomorrow morning.


Water supply to be reduced by up to 20%, targeting heavy users in Chiayi, Tainan!

It’s dry as bro. Passed thru Daan forest park yesterday. More like Daan desert park.

My dehumidifier is showing 57% humidity these past few days and my clothes are drying in 2-4 hours.

I’m not used to this…

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Bobby loves rolling in the dirt trails in Daan Park. I do not love brushing clouds of dust off him when I get home.

They were showing a lake in Chicago I think, completely dry. They drove an SUV all the way to the center of the lake.

I think it is this one:

It is going to be a long, hot summer.


Horror. What happened?

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Details, please. What are these numbers?

Air quality index currently in Taipei. In the 150s is very very bad. At that level in many countries recommendation to stay inside and avoid physical exercise.


Thanks for the scoop. Can you also provide me with a link where you get this data? Is it on the Central Weather Bureau website?

So, I thought the haze was just a simple temperature inversion (fog).

Do we know if it’s an early sandstorm coming down from the Gobi or if it’s factory pollution from China or our own industries?

  1. Allegedly from China, although of course China is always a convenient scapegoat for anything
  1. The data is from here:

I cycled to work this morning and then completely regretted my decision once I saw the pollution at rush hour.

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I’m dying here. Even with a mask on, this pollution is killing me.

Like, not even the app minced words.

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Those are awful air index
It’s like us in our calif fires

And to make it worse, our air quality is usually a lot better than Taipei. So you can imagine how bad it was downtown.

This weather I think is making me S.A.D.

Been feeling really good lately. I actually enjoyed a few days of rainy weather and fog kind of getting into the mood.

But but but today I can’t even seem to even find a good song to listen.

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