The Taiwan Weather Thread 2021

Wonderful day today. Breezy, low humidity, cool wind.


Yup, pretty much as good as it gets, although I guess if you want to relax on the beach and go swimming it’d be a bit cool. Looks like more of the same tomorrow, which is great, because tomorrow I’ll have more time to enjoy it!

19.5° at 23:45. Another blue ribbon day. Shit for traditional surfing due to the high winds, but my kite boarding pals we’re ripping it up!

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After the front view, the rear view was such a disappointment. I’m talking about the kite surfers, of course. :sunglasses:

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I really have to get on a board again… But 15-20knots is a bit lame. I love those 35-40 knots days - then you can boost and not just troll ride around…
Penghu often has nice winds - but I feel October is the best time (in winter too cold, right now good winds usually with cold weather / storm front = gusty as fuck) but haven’t been actually kiting here yet. Oh really wanna travel freely again and hit Cape Town or Brazil for some nice boost.