The Taiwan Weather Thread 2021

You can see the snow on snow mountain today.


Finally eponymous! : D


Food poisoning from vegetarian food is, generally, far less…explosive than food poisoning from meat - doesn’t appear to last as long either.

From where did you take this picture and which mountain is it? If you say Yang Ming Shan, please indicate where.

Awesome picture!

I didn’t take this picture. I saw it but I was driving. The photo is from a hsinchu facebook group. It’s taken in Hsinchu, on the border of Hsinchu city and Zhudong city.


Yeah, that’s why they have people killed in the US from eating Romaine lettuce.

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That’s typically due to run off from the CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) nearby.

If formosans want to learn more about why this is a problem, especially in the US, check out the film Food Inc. which tells the story in compelling detail.


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Please tell that to my stomach. It has not received the memo. :sob:

Same mountains (Snow Mountain), but taken next to the Haishan harbor (海山港).

I think you can say that’s also finally eponymous.

Same place on google maps… mountains no where to be seen.


One more from Hualien looking towards Sakizaya mountain (Qilai)


Another perfect day on the north coast. High of 16.8° in the shade and about 23° in the sun, beautiful blue skies without a cloud in sight.


A short, relaxing 4.44km hike.


A little taste of winter is good to remember when Sahara summer rolls around again

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Looks like our normal California sky…no clouds in sight

Once flew FAT just a few thousand feet right over a snow capped Snow mountain

Was a sight to remember …as I still do

If you walk along the beach towards Shuiwei harbor, you’d get to Secret Beach with a giant arch entrance.

You mean this one?


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Kids can wear as many layers as required with their uniforms.

In other news, forget about toilet paper. The new hot commodity people buy until the shelves are clear are the self heating hot pockets. Behold the scene in Costco. Someone bought 40 boxes…

And…the rain just started :joy:

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