The Taiwan Weather Thread 2021

I’d pay 100 times that if I never had to see another clickbait video title on YouTube.

Well wifey and I did drive 500 miles round trip to South Lake Tahoe just to see the snow 2 years ago

Was a bit too much driving for one day for me

800 kilometers

That’s nuts.

If I was in charge, there’d better be a cosy chalet waiting for an overnight stay part way through that amount of driving!



You don’t see this every day:


Surprised that puddle has a name.

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General rule is based from experience - vegetarian food poisoning seems to pass through me (no pun intended) far quicker. The last time that I got food poisoning from meat, I was insanely sick for half a week.

Hope you feel better by now.

Thank you for the good thoughts but no, I think it is time to go to the hospital… Problem is they love me there and will probably want to keep me a week or two… :sob:

Ain’t happening!

Good lord - if you haven’t recovered, get to a hospital now.

Not until I am half dead! I am still a Westerner!

28 degrees forecast for Taipei on Thursday?!

Lake Jaming froze over just recently. See above.

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An amazingly perfect day!

A high of 22.5° in the shade and much warmer in the direct sunlight! The waves were decent and surfing was the activity for the day.

Curently 19.7° at 21:00.


Quite a contrast from a few days back, though I suspect that “Winter” isn’t done yet.


We got geckos, yo. Geckos are out and about.

Roaches too. Cats woke me at 5am chasing a flying one…over my bed…

Plum blossoms are out as well as some cherry ones.

Spring for Spring Festival? Color me shocked, normally we are freezing around these dates.

This is me this AM

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Pleasant it ain’t unless it is sunny.

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IT WAS a beautiful sunny morning except pretty cold for those not used to 1 degree C. My two indoor/outdoor cats still wanted to go out and 30 mins later they are meowing to be let back in. spent the rest of the day sleeping under the bed and sofa… :slight_smile:
the other one, the third of the triplets is an indoor/indoor cat and he didnt ask to go out today on his near daily walk on a leash

30 minutes that’s a record. Mine usually hid under the covers when it is under 15 degrees.

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It’s 1pm in the afternoon, DARK and TERRIBLE.

Which maybe should be the nickname for Taipei. DARK and TERRIBLE.

I want to jump.

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Ah but the weekend should be golden. And all the next week.