The Taiwan Weather Thread 2023

-1°C in Datunshan. And windy. Cold feet.

I much prefer this to summer temperatures.


Forgot to mention that there were a lot of cars in the Erziping parking around sunrise time. Well, some of them were outside of the paying zone, with people inside. I guess they were hoping for snow to fall but didn’t want to pay the fare, because there were still some parking spots.

All the way to the top. Good on ya mate! See any snow?

Now for a real challenge. Head straight down the stairs and over the hills to Taipei!

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Of course. Standard behavior.

0 snow. I don’t think we’re going to be lucky this time.

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Xindian will get snow this year, I can bet on it. Yangmingshan is a given, considering the current extremely cold conditions up in Northern countries.

Pingtung, from coastal lowlands can see the central hills pretty well today. Nice warm afternoon about 25. Enjoy the last few days of the holiday !

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