The Taiwan Weather Thread


Why is it 20 degrees indoors? And someone in the office keeps on setting the AC to 15?


I’ve been pretty good about cleaning my bike and oiling the chain lately. This would be great running weather, but I need to do some brick sessions in preparation for the last triathlon coming up at the end of the month. I hope it just gets cooler and cooler. I’ve got a wetsuit so no prob. And I don’t enjoy fading on the run when the temperatures are at 35 degrees or so.


NO CLASS NO WORK IN TAITUNG this afternoon and evening.


Hualien the same, I believe. Rain has been intense all day, typhoon levels. Clouds are closing in again now, and getting dark already at 3pm.



Hualien County Work and Classes Cancelled This Afternoon
Taitung County Work and Classes Cancelled This Afternoon


Is it really that bad down there?! Hope everything is ok


I see in Windyty showing a wall of rain coming down from the North to Northern Western of Taiwan Saturday and Sunday. Monday probably too. Does not forebode well.


Went for a drive to check out the situation. There’s a section of road that has partially collapsed just south of Dulan and several landslides. Was still able to get through but 10 minutes later when I was coming back a fresh landslide had happened and blocked the road! Luckily the backhoe guys were already on hand and cleared a path after a 30 minute delay.


It’s been a tough year for weather alright. Hualien and Taidong a washout and there goes the long weekend for many.


Heard from two friends already in Dulan Sugar Factory whose businesses have been flooded - Highway 11 Craft Beer and The Little House brunch place. Small businesses rely heavily on these Holiday weekends so it’s the worst possible timing.

Yep, well noticed J&A, and that sets up a scary situation. Things are already starting to give around here and if goes on like this for another two days then we’ll be looking at a major disaster. It’s only a tiny storm compared to what we’ve had but it’s dragging this incredible amount of weather in through its tail.

In all my days on the Council, it’s the first time we’ve declared a day off for a storm that has already passed Taiwan.


Been a bit of lull in Taidong for the last few hours and even a few stars in the sky… but that’s over now and judging from the radar it looks set to crank right back up again.

I’m a bit concerned about what tonight may bring. Anyone living in the mountains in Taidong, Hualien or Ilan should probably have an evacuation plan in place at this stage.


And on it goes! We are now up to Day 4 of torrential rain. Dealing with flooding in the chicken house and erosion problems.

Anyway, all the water tanks are full!


Here in Taipei, the rain caused landslides in Xizhi.

Xindian has been nonstop for a whole day. Have a bunch of errands I simply did not ran. Right now, my pal in Tianmu says it has stopped there but in Xindian it is still an annoying cat hair rain/very fine drizzle. From an angle, looks like snow.



In Taidong it’s actually stepped up a notch today. The road from Dulan to Taidong is out, so i’ve heard, and it’s a safe bet there are landslides all along Highway 11 from Hualien to South Taidong.

Haven’t noticed a word about this in the Taipei Times, but this is verging on being a serious disaster situration. By far the most rain i’ve ever seen in this area. And still pouring down.


We could be heading for a climate like Venus, but look on the bright side: no typhoons on Venus.


I’ve known it rain for days on end before, but not with this level of intensity. Was on the #64 this morning, the mountain road that runs from Ruisui, Hualien to the east coast. Rivers of water & mud, and in one place looked like the road was about to collapse. Rain intensified as I got back into Ruisui, so god knows what it’s like up there now.

Back on the #9, and drivers still overtaking in almost blinding rain through pools of standing water at 90km/h … an-chuan di yi !


I thought that number 9 had landslides…?


Yeah, what’s up with that?

Finally a lull here, and looking at the radar, we may be in for a welcome break from it all for tonight at least.

Following the usual pattern, we should now get a few days break before the next typhoon arrives


That was wrong. Stopped for a few hours and then resumed normal transmission.

Thankfully, it’s just short of severely destructive rain - for the most part it hasn’t gone higher than 30-50 mil an hour (80 + per hour is when it gets real hairy) - but my God there’s been a lot of it.

However, we are just one torrential burst away from serious trouble.

Meanwhile, 1000 mil up in the north since yesterday in Gongliao District New Taipei - that is likely to cause landslides - while Wanli and Toucheng are also getting hammered.

Below is the graph that’s causing all the problems. The tail of a stalled typhoon feeding into the north east monsoon coldfont - which is bascially the ‘perfect storm’ type scenario.

Frighteningly, there is another potential typhoon lurking off the east coast of the Philippines that could affect us later in the week!


Now named Typhoon Songda. Fortunately, that one is probably not going to affect us (I know, famous last words).