The Taiwan Weather Thread


31 degrees indoors…It’s only 27 out there, BTW. :noway:

Oh joy, they finally turned the thing on…midmorning, after we are all sweaty, no wonder this place sounds like an hospice…anyways enjoy it while it lasts, as they will turn it off at noon, because, you know, we must save money and we are on break anyways. Yeah right, as if anyone really left the office at noon.

How I picture whoever is in charge of AC in this bunker:


Hate to mention this Icon but just checked the Taipei temp forecast and you’ve got two 34s coming your way. With a ‘feels like’ of 38.

It’s the end of October and you’d expect the highs to start skewing below the monthly maximum average at this point, but 34 is a whopping 6.5 C above for October (27.5)


a[quote=“TaidongCouncil, post:1680, topic:84854”]
I read that on Venus a single day is 243 earth days on account of it spinning so slowly (and clockwise - only Pluto and Venus spin clockwise - and getting slower) and one day is longer than a year (225 days)

Imagine having a bad hair day

I was reading recently about a planet locked facing a star where it is super hot on one side and it rains molten iron on the cooler dark side of the planet… Can you imagine a typhoon made of molten metal


Today was very ‘men’.
Global warming is hitting us hard this year what with typhoons and the never ending heat. Even the evenings don’t cool down like they should!


This late evening (well, tonight) it has cooled down a bit. It feels good, but not right. No, that was another thing…


Taipei is going for a possible record today or tomorrow. The hottest ever October day is 35C (i think) and with two days forecast of 34, it could give that a nudge

Last night the minimum got down to 27.1 - which is only 0.4 degrees below the average maximum for Taipei in Oct!


Allegedly, it will cool down Saturday. Knowing Northern Taiwan’s weather, that means non stop rain on the weekend.


Yeah you know it’s going to be like a light switch…take that you fools…Autumn…what Autumn…we are gonna give you the deluge and freezing damp :slight_smile:!


I bet it rains for 10 days straight then it jumps back to summer weather again.

I’ll bet you all of my internetz dollarz.


Hey, at least lingering summer heat means the clear blue skies of summer also stick around, and we don’t need to endure the winter pollution yet!

Oh wait.


We’ve had a similar “summerautumnwinter” season in 2014, I was able to go to the seaside in late November just as I did in August.
Last year was a bit colder and my last seaside trips were in October.


Awful air here in XinBei Shi.

My wife and I are flying to Australia on the weekend to live there. That air pollution website always has my hometown in nice green colours. The weather station nearest our place in Aus is currently reading 10. :deciduous_tree:

The reading for Xinzhuang: 139. :skull_crossbones:


Have a great trip and easy transition. Send pictures of blue skies.


Good luck with the move back (says in between sneezing).


You too? Actually, no wonder:


Red alert in 15 districts or areas. From Banciao to Zhongli, Miaoli, Changhua, Jiayi, Tainan…

Going outside NOT recommended for people with asthma, heart problems, etc. Wear facial masks -just for Halloween! And don’t exercise outside.

Not awesome. :confounded:


At least you guys on the east coast are doing alright.

Situation normal in southern Australasia. :koala:


Nice website, but there are no measuring stations in Central America. Between the active volcanoes and the decades old/obsolete technology both in transportation and manufacturing, I expect it to be pretty bad. :sob:


Yeah-no, good luck mate

You can swap typhoon season for bushfire season - keep us posted - it’s all connected - there’s a reason they call it global warming

Still waiting to plant the winter crop here - this weather is sudden death for seedlings. Used to be the end of Sep you could plant, now …

Ponts to CWB for issuing a wind warning - before it happens. Supposedly a big ne monsoon blowing through tomorrow - time to stow that accumulation of random objects on the porch for anyone living on the east coast


Cheers. Yeah there was widespread flooding across South Australia just a couple of weeks ago and this year they’ve had much higher than average rainfall. Although the long term prediction for climate change there is for less rain, not more, this may well be part of the increased variability. Could be a scary bushfire season with all the growth happening this spring.

I think I mentioned somewhere earlier in this thread that my mum diligently checks her rain gauge and records it all in a little book. Maybe I’ll take a picture of the rain gauge and drop back in to post it here. :smile_cat:


Decent monsoon storm rolling through Taidong right now after day of big winds. Has crept down from the north - Ilan of course got the brunt of it - 200 mil in SuAo

Big temp drop off in the north today and we may be finally seeing a seasonal gear shift