The Taiwan Weather Thread


Pull out a light jacket, maybe a long sleeve, says Auntie Cautious.

Taipei, Oct. 31 (CNA) Temperatures could plunge to below 20 degrees Celsius in northern and northeastern Taiwan this week as seasonal northeasterly winds bring a new wave of cold air to the island, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast on Monday.

a new wave of cold air will move into Taiwan late Monday and turn the weather cooler again, the bureau said, predicting that the mercury could drop to below 20 degrees during night time and early morning from Tuesday to Thursday.

As northeasterly winds pick up, there will also be occasional showers around Taiwan from Monday night to Thursday, the bureau forecast.


This Sunday I had to work on the mountains in Datong, I should have brought a swimming suit with me -_-
Today in Yilan was not too bad, though.


Possible new typhoon forming - though looks like it will stay south of us. The sky did clear up this morning, which made me wonder if something was around.


I was in Hualien for the Taiwan KOM Challenge and it was perfect perfect weather from Hualien all the way to Wuling Peak. Could barely see a cloud under 1500m elevation.

We started rolling down towards Puli at around 2PM and things just got worse and worse. By the time we got to Taipei, we could see the smog blowing under the street lights.

Glad the pollution didn’t stay for the weekend.

Weather looks decent for the coming week. Temps dropping and low chance of rain. Incoming smog?


Massive north eash monsoon wind blowing today. I see it’s gusting up to 10 on the Beaufort scale on Lanyu! That’s around the 100 kph mark. Dust storm affecting Taidong city.


I want to know how come it is 30 degrees indoors in this bunker. According to my phone apps and CWB data, it is 22 degrees outside with a RealFeel of 23 degrees. Yet we are working in a sauna… Is it the radiation bars? The asbestos ceiling? Human warmth?

Regarding air quality, I gave up last night as my nose keep running non stop and headed to the ENT, who gave me my usual allergy prescription … usual for Spring, that is. A sandstorm coming? Bring it on. I have my pills and my spray ready.


I guess that’s the jet-lag effect with the concrete jungle taking a while longer to cool down. Even in the middle of winter sometimes i still sense the ‘ghost of summer’


Forecast says temps will go up to 27 degrees tomorrow…



Most likely it’s all the concrete releasing the heat slowly.


What it looked like today near Taoyuan.
Today is rated relatively clean (in Taiwan) at around 60 on aqi index.


One month ago over Taipei.
Basically we live inside a cloud of pollution.
I fly to china often and it pretty much always looks as bad as this over all highly populated area.

Sometimes to perceive the problem we have to look at it from a different angle.


The pollution is almost the same as the ring of rain clouds that seems to never leave Taipei in the winter.

I remember traveling down to Hsinchu last winter to specifically dodge the rain and after passing Linkou I don’t think I remember being that happy to see sunlight.


Ok, someone hit the ‘pause’ button. This weekend was near enough to perfect weather. Warm, but not brain-fry level, with some clouds and a light breeze. A perfect summer’s day actually, even though it’s mid-autumn.

This weekend was also the first weekend for several months when we haven’t had ‘extreme’ something - extreme wind (including Foehn, Typhoon and Monsoon wind), or heat, or humidity, or rain

I always felt like i had some strange attraction to extremes - after this summer, i’m totally over that


Icon, it wasn’t all in your mind about the heat.
The ave temp in Taipei for Oct is 24.5. This year it was 27. That’s ‘instant global warming’

Taidong - ave for Oct 25.7. This year: 27.1
We also had 991 mil of rain (ave for Oct is 182)


it was a beautiful weekend (except for some of the haze). But it was pretty close to perfect. Wish there were more of these weekends.

It felt great to get outdoors.


Nice weather. Actually i wanted to go to the beach, and I almost did it (well, I got there, but without a swimming suit :frowning: ).

Hopefully next weekend I can still jump into the water.


Yep, loving this weather.


Wet and cool here >_>


Haley’s Comet was a very disillusioning event in my formative years and i have been skeptical of media-science promos ever since, but, the ‘Super Moon’ was pretty cool. It really did look huge and slightly elongated.

A million times better than Haley’s Comet

Taidong is back in the ‘never rains’ phase of the ’ but it pours’ cycle. Three dry weeks now. Still hot. A possible TS going through north PPE could kick some rain up in the next few days


What the…

However, more warm weather is expected on Friday and Saturday, when highs could reach 33 degrees, according to Wu Der-rong (吳德榮), a meteorologist and adjunct associate professor of atmospheric sciences at National Central University.

It’s almost Christmas!!! Not even in the ol country -in the Caribbean- it gets this bad. In December there you have lazy, sunny early “summer” afternoons and cool winds. Perfect weather for baking, eating tamales, and visiting relatives for dinner.


I’m heading back to the east coast this weekend for Thanksgiving and I check the weather…low is 1C. I actually have to go digging for my winter clothes since I haven’t even swapped out my summer clothes yet.

Tough to leave such good weather, but at least I get to experience Thanksgiving and all it’s glory!