The Taiwan Weather Thread


1°C in Yilan???


I knew someone would catch that. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Heading back to New Jersey in the states :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, you Americans do that a lot.


I want my one month of autumn back wah :weary:


No kidding.
Thanks, Trump.


1c in Yilan ?_?
Must be on the mountains, right? That’s fairly common there, when we went to Taiping Mountain last winter there was ice everywhere in the morning.
For the coming Saturday in urban areas forecast is arounc 20c during the night, with relatively low chance of rain.



Yilan coast = the only true East Coast


Tell that to me Newfie brother-in-law

If you want to get bottled and called a skeet, I mean


That’s the first time anyone has ever called me a Newfie.
I feel slightly confused. And aroused.


Look, I’m not saying drugs are bad, just, you know, maybe moderation is something to think about.


Aside from the terrible air quality, next week we will have another temperature drop. In this rollercoaster weather, highs of 30s for the weekend will be followed by a descend to 16 degrees starting Tuesday and Wednesday. Dig out the jackets and umbrellas, as rain is also expected.


A jacket for 16-degree weather? More like T-shirt and shorts!


For the rain, for those unfortunate sould who drive scooters.


I’m actually in windbreaker jacket mode on the scooter when it’s 20-24C in the morning.

The temp is usually high, but the wind is a little bit breezy during morning and afternoon rush hour times.


Hmm, maybe I’ll have to train myself to hold an umbrella while riding my scooter, like all those middle-aged bicycle-riding ladies do. It may be more challenging at 80km/hr though.


Ok, give it a try with the T-shirt and shorts and report back! And take a ride on your scooter while you’re at it! You may find you’re not factoring in the ‘feels like’ part of the equation.

With the humidity in Taiwan we rarely get a match up on the actual temp and the apparent one. The hot feels hotter - the cold feels colder


The wetter feels wetter. :howyoudoin:


And the windy feels windier!


I’m frequently tooling around on the scooter in a T-shirt in 16-degree weather (well, as frequently as it gets down to 16 degrees, which isn’t nearly frequent enough). Feels good man! Not in shorts, though…don’t want the hairy legs causing distracted drivers.

I sure the hell wish the cold felt colder. Can’t even remember the last time I actually felt cold in Taiwan. Some time in the late 1990s probably. Maybe I need to move to Jade Mountain.