The Taiwan Weather Thread


Wild guess - you come from Canada? If you do, yeah, sure, normal rules don’t apply (and i invariably like Canadians for that reason)

However, if you are a normal person, then, as Icon astutely ‘Weather Warninged’ you, wear a jacket if you are on a scooter and it gets down to 16C


Close, but no cigar. It’s also a three syllable word that starts with a C. No, wait…four syllables. Not good with counting. :slight_smile:




Well, it’s heading in that direction but not quite there yet…California.


'[quote=“Dr_Milker, post:1745, topic:84854”]
Well, it’s heading in that direction but not quite there yet…California.[/quote]
Oh. Technically, (as this is a weather site), California is not a country, but rather part of a country that is a four-syllable word starting with ‘A’, that we dare not speaketh its name. And it doesn’t rhyme with ‘hole’


Well, in my defense, I never called it a country, although a lot of Californians seem to think it is (or should be). There’s even a plan for a vote in 2019 on California’s secession from the country that can’t be named. I can attest to the fact that California does have its own weather, though…some of the best in the world in my opinion (a cool summer Mediterranean climate where I hail from). That seems to be the best thing going for the state these days.


That would be cool. I can see how that might catch on.

California’s weather, is, i guess, a bit like large parts of Australia: dry, low humidity. Our ‘typhoons’ are bushfires and they also seem to be ramping up with global warming. Indeed, i noticed that there is a big wildfire outbreak in California right now, and evidence suggests it’s getting more extreme


Jeepers, I thought the whole Crocodile Dundee temperature-dick-swinging deal was a FNG thing.
How long you been on-island, Doc?
You hit your 1 year yet?


Hey, I’m from Canada, and 16 degrees here in north Taiwan feels cold. The whole I-am-sweating-but-hey-I-am-also freezing thing totally messes me up!



Just a few decades, and unfortunately, it only keeps getting warmer and warmer. Believe me, it would take a temperature much lower than 16 degrees to keep the dick from swinging. Maybe raccoon dick has a higher melting point?


Quite the contrary, as it turns out.
But thanks for thinking of me all the same.


Interesting. That bone has a very graceful curve to it. Is that a flaw or a feature? No, don’t tell me. We seem to be straying from the weather topic.


They just turned on the AC. And here I was enjoying our sauna at 30 degrees.

Is it 23 or 25 outside? Hope I won’t catch a cold.

BTW, there is a hurricane forming over Central America. Bye bye early Christmas decorations. Hello global warming.


I don’t know why, but yesterday I started to sneeze without control, and I’ve been doing so and with running nose until now. Yesterday I thought that it could be just an allergy episode, but now I’m thinking that this feels more like a cold… probably produced by the overuse of the freakin’ AC at the office (and nto only at the office).

Don’t feel very well right now :frowning:

Note: still wondering if it’s allergy… has anybody else felt allergic these days?


In Taiwan it’s common to have a cold and allergy at the same time.


Welcome to Taiwan and enjoy the fruits of our bountiful climate.

To be sure I often take both cold and allergy medication, although not necessarily at the same time.


It’s also common to have allergies develop into a cold (or throat or sinus infection).


There’s definitely been a weird bug making the rounds lately. It’s knocked a number of the people in my office flat. It starts with a runny nose or scratchy throat, and then turns into a full-blown cold/flu complete with green slime. I got off with just the scratchy throat, but it took like a week to go away.


I’m at the tail-end of it …that’s exactly how it went for me…lovely!


Well… I had some itchness in the palate the past days, and that made me think of allergy. Running nose, clogged right ear and sneezing like a mofo is where I’m now.


I am coughing (only at night) for 2 consecutive night and don’t know why.
Not coughing on day time is’t sign of getting old ? :disappointed_relieved:

Then I had this chinese herb sticky liquid in sachet from 711 then i mixed it with luke warm water then coughing was gone.

Need to buy these again or probably will try honey and luke warm water before going to bed.