The Taiwanese fear of cinnamon

I kind of throw this in with other BS like “Taiwan people don’t like cheese” (which even gets uttered at my house, on days when we don’t order pizza) or “Taiwan people don’t drink milk” :roll:


More like they can’t handle dairy… I know a few who actually like cheese but think its too expensive.

Eureka: I’m opening a cinnamon stinky tofu stand at one of those tourist night markets, next to the noodles in a bun or whatever stand.

Eventually we can have a full range of flavored stinky tofu.

The slogan “a flavor battle in your mouth” was suggested to me


Yep, I hear that too… Then I go to Costco and need to fight through the crowd at Costco buying cases of milk

Hence the abysmal failure of any enterprise hoping to sell milk tea to the masses…


Look up hypocrite, then try not much haha.

Cinnamon here is a funny thung. People that hate it may love it when blended into stuff. Dont search too long for logic when there isnt any. The general rule.with people is they are right.and you are not.

Stinky tofu is amazing’t smell like a septic mid.summer in southern.taiwan.



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Stinky.tofu.stops.having.much.of.a.smell.once it.



Much the same as a chili pepper doesnt feel as spicy once you have had a few. Doesnt mean others dont smell it. Same said for smoking.etc.

i dont. pecurely like cinnamin. but my deer old mum used to. make pankakes with cinnamin and lemon. juiice. they were yummy


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I like fresh apple pie with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and a tiny dash of chipotle. My friends kids said my pie was too spicy and identified cinnamon as the offender.


I don’t love the smell but it’s fine. I like Starbucks’ chai latte.

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Many species and flavors of cinnamon as well. Usually people that eat it here eat the chinese cassia which is spicy. When they try the true vietnamese type, pre hybridized farms, they tend to like it as its sweet and not too spicy.

I think a lot of people that eat dry tofu, lu wei and hotpot dont realize how much.cinnamon they are eating :wink:

My wife won’t eat my apple pie if I put cinnamon in it. I’ve tried sneaking it in over the years and she knows every time!

It’s hard to sneak cinnamon.
It’s not like a light spice, is it?


So people in Taiwan don’t like cinnamon buns?

They love cinnamon .buns. But sime hate it. Its a strong.flavor that some people hate. Understandable. As mentioned above, like cilantro. Or cardamom, star anise, licorice etc. Love or hate relationship.

But.cinnamkn.has a lot or variability so not always a simple.answer. good cinnamon, but not that common cheap cassia from china that is in every TCM shop and often bought by.most restaraunts and bakeries etc. Too spicy

How would one ensure they’re getting good cinnamon?

The first one they talk about is cinnamon and he talks about how to tell a bit at the end.

Do six guys kick your ass?