The Taiwanese fear of cinnamon

I just ran this by my fiance’. She said 'No, Chinese medicine smells MUCH better".


Depends which formula… :2cents:

Do you know where I can find peppercorns? I’ve not seen peppercorns sold in bulk…

Which type? Can message me if you want sources. But locally grown piper nigrum isnt great. Pink pepper exists but is rare and very expensive. So if you want yummy, imported is still the go, despite what the die hard taiwan no.1 crowds say on facebook.

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Riding bike around Taipei today and stopped at 6 different fairly nice looking bakeries in different areas.

None had cinnamon rolls or anything cinnamon.

Almost caught me with some that had meat floss instead of cinnamon.

Come on, you’re a veteran here! That would be a Taiwan rookie error. :upside_down_face:


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Cinnamon buns have been a fashion food for a couple years. Even farm towns have them now, shouldbe easy to find.

Powdered dried Chipotle?

They aren’t hard to make either. Plus even if you make a bad batch, they’ll still be better than the garbage ones sold here.

Lets not forget how many taiwanese traditional foods use cinnamon. Hot pot and lu wei to name the most common. Cinnamon pairs well with things like star anise and cloves as an example, which are very commkn in local cuisine.