The Terminal Bus Stop - Is it crazy to say Taiwan has no social norms for this?

In Western culture, those who sit in the front of the bus stand up and get into the aisle and then disembark first (think like with planes) – the people in the back of the bus wait for the people in front. It’s just being courteous.

But in Taiwan, it all seems like a pile to the aisle as soon as the bus stops. Inevitably, those in the front who couldn’t get into the aisle fast enough get “stuck” in their seats and watch everyone further back in the bus file out in front of them. Many don’t even make an attempt to get out of their seats period, as well. Also, those getting off rarely give those stuck in front who want to get off the bus any chance to get into the aisle…Is there some unspoken rule I’ve missed in Taiwan? Can anyone explain what on earth is going on? Has Taiwan society thought this one through?

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is this what keeps you up late at night in full contemplation?

if that happens to you in front, just scoot into the aisle arse first and then do things verrryyyyyy slowlyyyyy…Maybe blow your nose with a hankerchief. or pick your nose and flick booger in the air.


People here just wait for people in the aisle to get off first. It’s just being courteous.


You are thinking too much :laughing:

Looks like we haven’t the same experience of “Western culture.” Doesn’t seem like there’s much of rules around here either.

My observations after years of riding the buses in Taiwan: Sometimes people wait for those in the front rows to get out, and sometimes people don’t wait.

Same with waiting for people to exit the MRT. And deplane. I haven’t actually noticed a pattern that differs from what I experience back home in the US.


there is order on the MRT…and 7 11. every other place is still catching up.

the plane one is super dumb though. i used to just sit and wait it out. now i will get up like everyone else because otherwise nobody is going to let me out and i will just be stuck waiting like a twat.

Last time I was in Amsterdam people are screaming at me for walking to the front of the bus to exit. They were saying everybody goes out the back door moving from front to back.

I usually head for the door that’s closest to my destination when I exit especially if raining.

I can’t imagine the old grandmas dragging their vegetable cart all the way from the front to the back or possibly both directions every time. Especially if it’s crowded. Let them enter and exit the same door.

The Taiwan method seems to be a luxury for older people.

It’s also good for people that are only going to or three quick stops just in a door and then quick out again.

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Busses in Taipei are hell trucks, the drivers timetable is so tight get thrown to the back before you have a chance to sit and then thrown to the front to disembark.
Get thrown about like a fairground Helter Skelter on trip. I avoid if I can.

You may need to go back to SOC101. Do you really think society sits down and draws up guidelines for debussing?

They are indeed shit buckets. On the bright side, they’re cheap fast frequent and good for working the biceps

I just block them by stretching my arm to the opposite seat at the other side of the ail!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you’re really in that big of a rush to get off the bus, just stand for the last few stops. Better yet, stand the entire trip.

I always give up my seat. If I gave up my seat for you and then you cut in front of me when disembarking, I’d be severely offended.

In a crowded bus (a non-crowded bus wouldn’t have the problems you speak of) is bound to have elderly people, parents with children, and people who are too tired to stand. People let elders and parents off first out of deference… but people too tired to stand wouldn’t be in a rush to get to their final destination… so it’s ok to expect them to wait.

In my opinion, if you can’t wait the extra minute it takes to get off the bus from the sitting position, you’re probably young. If you’re young, you should be standing.

Perhaps your experience with bus etiquette is a negative one because everyone views you as the rude one. If you’re being rude, others won’t be so inclined to be polite toward you.

Now, I’m not trying to say that bus etiquette is a gloriously polite system. There are a good number of rude people on any crowded bus. But if you’re being one of those rude people, don’t complain about manners.