The Terrorism is Muslim in Nature

An excellent article by Michelle Malkin about how we need to stop pretending that the recent spate of terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

How many times have you picked up a newspaper and read about terrorist attacks perpetrated not by Muslim terrorists, but by generic “militants” or “guerrillas” or “rebels” or, as Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes noted the Pakistan Times called them, “activists”?

Contrast the media whitewashing of our Islamofascist enemies with the press coverage of the Waco, Texas, siege in 1993 — which constantly reminded us that David Koresh and his Branch Davidian followers were members of a “peculiar religious sect” (New York Times, March 3, 1993) and “a group of religious zealots with a known propensity for violence” (Washington Post, March 2, 1993) who were steeped in a “culture of Christian extremism” (San Francisco Chronicle, April 20, 1993).

A Nexis search of the terms “Branch Davidian” and “religious” and “cult” in The New York Times for the year 1993 yielded 151 hits. The vast majority of these references were in headlines and news articles, as opposed to editorials, letters or book reviews. A Nexis search of the terms “al Qaeda” and “religious” and “cult” in The New York Times for the year 2004 yielded just one article — a magazine piece in March.

AND she urgest to recall that…

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This crosses the line into hate speech.

Over-simplifying motivations and neglecting to mention the scores of terrorist acts committed by non Muslims.

Hate Speech.

Disgusting Fred.

Not at all Rooftop but I like how instincitively your liberal sensibilities trump your good sense.

When the terrorists themselves announce that Allah and Islam are the motivations behind their actions, then I think that we should take them at their word. No one said that terrorists are all and always Muslim (only in recent attacks have they been predominantly so), BUT why is the meda so anxious to skirt this “connection” when they trumpeted the strange, bizarre and extreme views of the Dravidian sect with no such circumspection?

Answer me that, then perhaps we can go forward with a sensible chat, but the simple fact remains that these people have stated repeatedly and for anyone to hear that they are acting on behalf of their religion. Why isn’t that or shouldn’t that be relevant? Most terrorists today are Muslim. For the past 40 years, the problem has been growing and we need to understand it to be able to solve it. Subtracting Islam from the equation is at best wishful thinking at worst another liberal “let’s not look at something too closely lest we be forced to get fid of some of our utopian pipe-dream fantasies.”

Cult of Death By DAVID BROOKS

This was in the Taipei Times this week. I think that the good Muslims should start speaking out more than just about how they are being discriminated against or there will be a greater backlash against them.

Did you ever read the koran yourself or are you talking about something you actually dont know Fred?

This is interesting; I don

Most people aren’t concerned about things they don’t perceive as affecting them. I think it is human nature.
How many sleepless nights have you had worrying about your child starving to death in Ethiopia (or any other third world country)? Dying from HIV? The secret police busting down the door and hauling you away?
Unless someone lives in a place where this is common, it is unlikely he will think about it (excluding those heart-tugging 60-second bits on TV showing starving children with a has-been actor begging you to send money, and then the viewer can change the channel).
As for your questions about Pakistan, well that’s politics - plain and simple. As for the media covering it, it’s not breaking news and therefore doesn’t sell.

You are walking a thin line here, fred. Using the above logic one could argue / question the following:

Given that the IRA is fighting for 100s of years and has killed I-don’t-know-how-many people doesn’t it mean that terrorism is Irish in nature?
Or it’s Basque in nature because the ETA fights “on behalf of the Basque people” for an independent territory by killing people?

I don’t see why terrorism is Muslim in nature or why anyone would believe that those terrorist do represent Islam. Just because they say they act in the name of Allah isn’t proof of such and many (Muslim) religious leaders have cleary stated that their actions are not in accordance with the Quaran and thus certainly not justified ‘in the name of Allah’.

Terrorism has existed and still exists in countries that are not Muslim nor do those terrorists carry out their actions in the name of Allah or any other religious icon.
Flawed logic and nothing but a screwed up opinion that you have presented us. Should we really have to assume you agree with that?

Anything to back this up?

A much lovelier female Smith wrote

[quote]Nobody heard him, the dead man,
But still he lay moaning:
I was much further out than you thought
And not waving but drowning.

Poor chap, he always loved larking
And now he’s dead
It must have been too cold for him his heart gave way,
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Oh, no no no, it was too cold always
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Stevie Smith[/quote]

And now we can probably add the carbombing of the Australian embassy in Indonesia to the list, in which at least four people (three Indonesians, one not mentioned) died. … donesia_dc

Of course, it could have been the ALF. . . .

This might be true but it does not equal most Muslims are terrorists!

Oh, I’ve just looked at the thread title, again–have you changed it?

I’m sure it read Muslims are terrorists by nature.

Massacre Draws Self-Criticism in Muslim Press By JOHN KIFNER

This one was also in the Taipei Times this week but I couldn’t find it.

According to Reuters, the problems in Northern Ireland consist of Protestants fighting Catholics. Nuns and vicars beating the crap out of each other. Similarly, Taiwan is a “renegade” province. Cowboys, Indians… We were damned lucky to get any information about the Chechnyans at all. I think they’re “fighting for a homeland”, or is that the Palestinians ?

What do y’all expect from the media ? If people paid less attention to the media and employed more common sense, the world would be a fuck of a better place.

First of all, the Irish terrorism was not directed at America, Russia, Germany, Australia, France but only Northern Ireland and the British. I do not condone it nor do I condone the millions that evil Democrat bastards like Ted Kennedy and his cohorts donated to these terrorist organizations. hee hee.

In some ways, the Israelis have had a hell of time because many have seen this as a similar type of struggle waged by the Palestinians. Finally, there are the Basques, the Corsicans, etc. etc.

BUT today Islamofascist terrorism targets any and all that do not want to convert to the ways of Islam. This is what the terrorist themselves say and what their plans entail. Don’t ask me about it, listen to them. They are very clear about their goals.

My point is as always that the media is tiptoeing around these issues. Why? Clearly, when it came to the Dravidians, the media was more than happy to paint them as violent, radical religious nuts. Why not the same for this same type of fringe group albeit with Muslim hearts? Why not say this fringe group of Muslims is nothing but a group of terrorist, fanatics, whacked out religious nuts, etc.?

No one here is calling for all Muslims to be labeled as such. Most are not terrorists but the problem is one that is very central and pertinent in their societies right now. That is not the case in India, Jewish communities or the West. It is a very big problem in Muslim and Arab societies. Why? What are they going to do about that? I mean we in the West openly admit to our wars against drugs and crime and bewail the breakdown of the family right? If we can openly criticize and discuss, why the sensitivity with regard to the Muslim terrorists? Typical media filtering of news and I am sick of it.

Muslim terrorists are the problem that most countries face right now, not the IRA, the Basques, the Kurds or the Corsicans and THAT is the difference.

I regret that the US did not put more pressure on Pakistan before. Yet, please realize that we had a Democratic president then who spouted the same kind of shit that you hear mostly out of European capitals right now. You know the old moral equivalency of there is no right nor wrong. Who are we to judge? Who are we to condemn. Now, that Bush is in office, you don’t see the Pakistanis getting a free rein to kill and maim innocent Hindus anymore do you? Chalk up another important accomplishment for George Bush. How do you think that Kerry would approach this problem? I would guess it would be more of the need to understand “root causes” and somehow the West would be to blame. Bullshit.

Again, Fred Smith, I agree with you whole-heartedly with the exception of your final paragraph. Twice in one day is excellent, Fred. You should be proud of yourself.
One of the main causes of the Islamic religions is to spread the religion at all costs and “kill the infedadels.”
Previously, they didn’t have the means to operate much out of their own boundaries, but over the last 50 to 60 years with cheap air travel, ease of communications and the access to weapons and the onset of a much smaller world, the chance for them to live out the directive of the Koran has now arrived.

[quote=“Dangermouse”]Again, Fred Smith, I agree with you whole-heartedly with the exception of your final paragraph. Twice in one day is excellent, Fred. You should be proud of yourself.
One of the main causes of the Islamic religions is to spread the religion at all costs and “kill the infedadels.”
Previously, they didn’t have the means to operate much out of their own boundaries, but over the last 50 to 60 years with cheap air travel, ease of communications and the access to weapons and the onset of a much smaller world, the chance for them to live out the directive of the Koran has now arrived.[/quote]
And it’s all the fault of the Americans! If it weren’t for the Wright Brothers, they’d still have to teach their camels to swim in order to attack us!

White European Christians are the real terrorists Fred. and I bet there’s a lot of articles out there about that.

If it wasn’t for Arab navigation and greed for Chinese riches, those Europeans sailors wouldn’t have gone out looking around, and thus ruining it for every other continent: Africa, Asia, America, Australia, basically all the A’s.

Look how they preached their Bible all the while burnin and lootin and rapin. You say the Taliban destroyed the Bam__ statues. How much of s.american, n.american, african, etc culture was annhilated, how much riches were plundered. Palestine land grab? let’s talk about the entire american continent.

Hence, in conclusion, de facto, etcetera et cetera, que sera sera,

you Fred as a descendant of these horrid terrorists, should do the decent thing and [insert euphemism for the taking of life e.g. ethnic cleansing] your own life. On that account, we should all have a good ol mass suicide bbq. how does nexr wednesday sound?

Jack Burton:

Back in California only these few months and spouting nonsense like the BerkEley graduate that you are. What a load of shit. haha

Now, seriously, do you think that just because the White Europeans did something bad 400 years ago that this means that we cannot protest against injustice or violence against our societies today?

After all, please remember that slavery and wars of conquest were the norm for thousands of years. The ones who put an end to this by developing a system based on “international law” ugh and ending slavery and saying all people were equal were the very people in this very society that you now have the rights and education to condemn. Would you have been educated or live in a society where you have the rights to criticize if you had been born elsewhere? Hmmm what do you think?

Now, are you saying that the terrorists should be allowed to kill, bomb and torture and rape all because well some Spaniards did it 400 years ago. Some Christians destroyed some pagan statues and therefore nothing that happens afterward can be challenged or criticized because they were guilty then? So we are talking about collective guilt here over the centuries? How does that fit with the individual rights that you enjoy now? Should we also hold you responsible for anything that your parents, siblings, descendants and ancestors have done? Wanna go down that path?

And if Europeans were such a destructive force, why is it that their departure has not made things better in Africa or elsewhere but standards of living have declined even further? Are the peoples of the world not in any way responsible for their own actions? Are they mere pawns acted upon by powerful forces in New York banking circles where a bunch of old fat white men sit around eating steak, drinking martinis and lighting cigars with $100 bills all while going HO HO HO we screwed the poor royally again. HO HO HO. Want to see the true causes of poverty, follow every well meaning leftie socialist’s “good intentions” and see where the economy, society and country end up. I know let’s look at Cuba. Wanna go down that path BerkElEy Boy?

Really JB. Flee California. You are starting to sound like barbra fucking streisand. Moronic. Self-absorbed. Morally confused. Wishy Washy. What do your crystals tell you we should do? Has the earth child within you starting crying for sister sun and brother moon? Howl at the injustice while beating a drum and rename yourself Bear Who Walks Through Meadows for all I care but for Christ’s sake man snap out of that California Dream!

P.S. Love Fred

What is it that you want from the media fred? I don’t think anybody disputes that many terrorists profess to be doing it for ‘Islam’. But it is also accepted that many muslims don’t agree that terrorism is what Islam teaches. So what does it mean to say that ‘the terrorism is Muslim in Nature’? There seem to be more than one take on what ‘Islamic’ beliefs entail so your statement is overly broad, no? As for the comparison to Waco. Well most people didn’t know diddly squat about the branch Davidians so the need for explanation in the press was obviously there. However people generally know that Al qaeda etc profess to be muslim. Further more, you could say that the branch Davidians were Christians, but you would be wrong to then say that all Christians are nutjobs, and that the waco fuckup was ‘Christian in Nature’.


You are implying statements that I have not made. I asked why the media is not calling these terrorists Muslim nutcases, whacked out Muslim extremists, violence-prone fanatics with an Islamic agenda? Why all the “activist” “militant” “insurgent” labeling and always while avoiding Muslim or Islam or religious? The media has not avoided labeling the Dravidians Christian nutcases. Why so much deference to Muslims? No one said all Muslims were terrorist but the worldwide violence that is going on now is Muslim. That is the simple truth. Why is that so difficult to admit?