The Thickburger

[quote]The “Monster Thickburger”

wow. i need a food-coma inducing thickburger for lunch…cuz my body just expends SO MANY calories sitting here at the computer all day…

looks delicious…gimme goodies pls…

I thought this thread was going to be about RichardM.

Then I opened it and found out it is.

Thickburger. I want it. I want it.

Lobby to have Hardee’s come back to Taiwan. They used to be here, but they packed up and left about 10 years ago.

You left out the best part:

[quote]As many fast-food chains introduce healthier fare amid fears of being sued, Hardee

In case anyone needs a clearer picture of the scale of this thing.

That looks like the kind of thing you need to eat in private. Hardees used to have a San Fransisco Sourdough hamburger that was great. It made that Burger King one look miniature.


Do you have some kind of “auto-sig-generator”, or do you just keep coming up with these quotes and switching them out manually? I’m pretty sure I counted at least 3 good signature lines from you today alone.


I have been using rules from How to Write Good, but there has been an upstart Vulcan intruder on the board.

In case anyone needs a clearer picture of the scale of this thing.[/quote]

Sandman, another Sun reader! :slight_smile:

Here’s the link for everyone else,2-2004532279,00.html

Truely great reading!!!

I like to keep my finger on the pulse of world events.

One thickburger maybe a mouthful to some of you but how about 69 hamburgers in 8 minutes. Yes it is true! Takeru “Tsunami” Kobayashi, the reigning hot dog eating champion as well as cow brains eating champion has now expanded his repertoire to hamburgers. He blew the competition away (second place only could shovel down 46 hamburgers in 8 minutes) and walked away with the 10, 000 dollars prize money. Not a bad reward for a little indigestion I suppose :loco: .

Full details here:

Wouldn’t mind to try one… Guess Hardee’s would have to downsize it for Taiwan…

hope they come back… anyone up for a franchise?

Only in the Sun and only in America

[quote]THIS is the world