The Things People Will Do For Publicity … 33816.armx

I don’t know what to say.

This is shocking. How?

The least known member of the Arquette family is gay and wants to be a woman and the operation will be filmed. If he was a Thai male who didn’t want to do military service no one would even blink an eyelid.

I guess the question is will anyone actually watch?

I might watch it if they give Courtney Cox a sex change. She’s looking like a man more and more nowadays. Except for the body.

That could prove to be a boring show. Like “Extreme Makeover” or that one where the women look like a truck hit them and they give them lypo and cut them up like a slab of meat.

Good for him. Make some money out of your change.

I hold the people who would want to watch this program in greater contempt than those who would make it or participate in it.

Let him have a nice sum of money to be able to live his new life by rooking it out of the network and viewers and advertising goons who find interest in it.

Maybe, in some small way, it will also cause some homophobes and old fashioned thinkers to have heart attacks and die. That would be a good thing.

Is it just me or is this wrong?

A dude wants to hew off his schlong in order to become a chick. Okay, whatever, man. If it makes you happy… :s

But filming it?

Are we losing yet another funky, freaky, cool, artistic guy? It’s so weird…he is SO eccentric…because he is a guy dressing as a woman and doing nutty things…and now he is just going to be a woman doing nutty things.

Good for him, glad that he’s going to be whole soon. Maybe he is doing it because there are thousands of people out there who are too scared to go through the process of becoming another sex.

I saw a documentary about a married German guy with two teenage sons who got it into his head that he wanted to be a woman. The strange thing to me about it was he was nothing like a woman that I could see. He was just this big, ugly, hairy guy with a woman trapped inside, or so he said. Anyway the documentary followed as he went through all these meetings with psychologists that are required in Germany to determine if you are suitable for this kind of operation. Finally he was allowed to have the operation and get all the hormone shots that would supposedly complete the transformation. This turned him into a big, ugly (not hairy anymore) looking guy with tits and no dick. He still acted like a man, talked like a man, looked like a man and probably smelled like one too. I swear to God the only motivation I could see for what he did was to work out some sadistic fantasy on his two kids. That is the impression I was left with and it was sickening.

I am not saying that all cases of transgender are really just some elaborate perverse form of nonsense, or if this one with Cox is, but from what I have seen some definitely are.

Doris Wishman did a film like this about 30 years ago:

Then there’s the infamous segment from SHOCKING ASIA, also 30 years ago.