The This Is An Outrage thread

Someone has called for a thread about the “cages” thing, because, you know. I do agree that the Trump Narratives thread is getting unwieldy, but there seems to be a taste here for big theme, long-lasting threads, so why focus exclusively on something so ephemeral?

So here’s a thread for that, and for whatever stuff in that category comes down the pike. Because there’s always stuff like that.

People speak of the death of outrage. Real outrage is deader than disco, but faux outrage? It’s all the rage. In fact, it killed off real outrage, skinned it, and is wearing its hide as a trophy and demanding respect.

So grab a beer and shed a crocodile tear over whatever it is they’re screaming about this month. And we can laugh at their overwrought theatrics. Or get pissed off at their lies and double standards and unfair attacks. But mostly laugh, because that’s more fun.

(In our sober moments, we can mourn real outrage. But that’s been dead so long that perhaps we should just move on?)

Mrs. Lovejoy calls it thinking of the children. TV Tropes calls it “narm.” Well, what’s the harm in a little narm?

(Lest threads multiply beyond necessity, let’s also make this a thread for dime store compassion and “I feel your pain” synthetic empathy.)

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Eat the ears first.

I’m absolutely disgusted by the insert current month outrage topic. I’ve never cared about it for decades, but now that people started to talk about it I do believe that insert current month outrage topic is a major issue that needs to be addressed now. No, it had to be addressed yesterday. Now is already too late.
insert current month outrage topic clearly undermines modern democratic values and the worst part is how similar it is to insert nazi/fascist reference here.

People who aren’t outraged by insert current month outrage topic are obviously roll a D6 -> 1=nazi, 2=fascist, 3=racist, 4=homophobic, 5=xenophobic, 6=sexist.


I feel ya, bro.

A looming threat to the outrage industry:

They must be stopped!

Schumer keeps his eye on the ball…

Say, what’s up with #MeToo these days?

I knew someone in the way back who always asked that question. She had a habit of knocking her wineglass over at dinner parties a lot, too.

Someone with mod privileges is being extremely petty. Shame.

Narcissism only leads to a watery place. Take care.

So why did you come here?

I’m used to swimming with the sharks.

That’s better. Thanks.

“Rowland gets his rocks off.” Cute. So long as the change is temporary, we can all have a chuckle and move on.

Whoa, take it easy, Easy Rider.

Begun, the meme wars have.

That was then…