The This Is An Outrage thread


What Louis CK did was weird, creepy, and an abuse of power. But nobody got hurt. I really don’t get the desire to endlessly punish him. It’s probably because he’s a soft target and he’s kind of getting vicariously punished for the crimes of other men the #metoo movement are unable/unwilling to go after.

EDIT: I’ve not really used vicarious correctly there, but I can’t think of a suitable word. Punished by proxy?


As a proxy.


“When it comes to the #MeToo movement, I think it’s okay to question the source. It should transcend gender. It’s human rights. Cause if you don’t, anyone can be accused of anything at any time,” Garofalo said. “And if you’re not allowed to question that — I can say right now ‘I’ve got pictures of you molesting a child. Don’t question me!’ You know what I mean? Don’t question the questioner! Then it’s a Twilight Zone episode. And I think in any movement, for human rights, you’ve got to transcend gender, and you’ve got to consider who’s making the accusation and why and when, because it matters.”


Hopefully this is a sign of changes to come. Way, way past due imo. Makes sense that the American left’s wacky wing would use and Air America Radio’s Janeane Garofalo to introduce a change in orthodoxy to the more mainstream flock.

I think the odds are slightly better than 50-50 that the npc’s will listen to Garofalo.


Doubtful, those on the far left have the mentality they have nothing to learn from anyone, everyone needs to learn from them. Some Senators tried to moderate their new colleague Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This was her response.

Hope they have fun with their new found “friend”.



They’d have struggled with Lenny Bruce. We really are going backwards.

Everyone loves Bill Hicks, yeah?


She promises to be a lot of fun to watch.

Anyone she can succeed in giving grief to has it coming.