The This Is An Outrage thread


Haven’t noticed any major outrage in the last day or two. This is a bit disappointing.

I noticed some people trying to claim that the 8% tax for online sales is going to be a disaster but it’s hard to claim that amazon, ebay & friends will go bankrupt, especially after years of:’“Online shopping is killing b&m stores! Why won’t anyone think of the children!”


This is what you get for complaining about kids in cages. This is the timeline you helped to develop.



I’m pretty sure if Trump did build a concentration camp the comments would be about the same.


Liberals don’t have a monopoly on sympathy. However, the MSM and Democrats are using this as an opportunity to ginning up support and outrage against Trump. They don’t care about the kids, not really, Chuck Schumer already rejected a bill proposed by Ted Cruz so he could keep the focus on Trump.

How do we know its not about the kids and a political hit? Because time faked it’s front cover and lied to us. The pictured attributed to Trump’s administration were from Obamas. They lie again. They dont present the facts, honestly but in a way engineered to generate the most outrage.

That’s not to say there are not kids in detention centers, Im sure there are. But the MSM and Democrats are counting on people being so outraged, no discussion of any kind should be allowed. Kick members of this administration out of restaurants, confront them in the mall, confront them everywhere you see them. At least that is what mad Maxine Waters wants and you know what? Im not seeing a lot of Democrats coming out and saying " I will disagree with Republicans on their policy, but this call for confrontation of Republicans, everywhere they go, is a bad idea".


Politicians will be politicians. I think you’re wrong here though. A lot of people do care about removing children from their parents’ custody and holding them together in pens. Objections to the policy came from all quarters.

Time is useless IMO and long has been. That being said, (if not the best idea from Time for obvious reasons) I don’t think it matters if the child crying was actually a child who was in detention personally, for the purpose of creating an abstract image. The key point is that the image does reflect the reality of the situation. And that reality is not deniable. Trump did do this, in a way that hadn’t even remotely been done previously. He was able to end the immediate problem by ordering it ended. And it was his fault entirely. We’d been soldiering along well enough without this sudden change in policy. An immediate change wasn’t necessary. Figure out all the essential aspects of the policy before implementing it. That’s just incompetence, and particularly callous and heartless incompetence in this case.

I don’t agree with every instance of it, but these people have gone too far in many ways. You reap what you sow. Sanders has chosen to be an odious poster child for an odious administration. She’s making her bed, and she can’t expect everyone to love her for it.


I never suggested for a moment people don’t care, only a very cold blooded person would have no feelings about children separated from parents. Still, doesn’t change the fact the MSM wanted people to be outraged and told the story in such a way to do just that. They reported on this story in 2014, they were aware of it then. They knew these detention centers they now inflammatory called concentration camps were not built by Trump.

I absolutely believe Trumps zero tolerance policy would have increased the number of detentions, but I have no idea by how much.

Right, shooting Republicans at baseball games or physical assaulting politicians on their lawns I assume would cross the line for you, but it doesn’t surprise me that you take the line “you reap what you sow”. Kind of reminds me of the “hate speech is not free speech” logic, which I see belonging to authoritarian left leaning ideology (and sorry to say in part fascist enforcement of ideology through intimidation) rather than the libertarian left I more identify with.


The MSM does what it does. This policy was going to create legitimate outrage everywhere including the MSM obviously. It’s clear that Trump ramped up the numbers tremendously by detaching children from their families by policy.

Certainly that would cross the line. But the restaurant case does as well. IMO, when you’re open for business in an open society, you commit to taking any person who comes through the door as long as they are behaving reasonably. It’s not like she was flashing neo-nazi tattoos or something, so I don’t see the issue. Don’t expect everyone to love you though.

??? I would say it’s the opposite logic. People have the freedom to treat people in the manner which their behavior deserves.


I don’t think you have thought this through very well, works well when you get to decide which behavior is deemed deplorable and don’t mind biased coverage in the news to buffer your outrage and you get to decide what people are not outraged by.

I doubt you would agree with Saudi Arabia’s interpretation of what behavior is deplorable nor would you find acceptable their treatment of people transgressing behavior they deem unacceptable to them.

How about the right took utter offence to open boarders policy and claimed that was what the Democrats wanted and were pushing. Out of 18,000 murders in the US last year, 22% were committed (apparently) by illegal immigrants, how about if the right found that figure so obscene and lack of actions by the Democrats so immoral they decided to encourage confrontations everywhere they saw a Democrat.

Then poured fuel on the flames by saying Democrats want illegal immigrant votes, they protect illegal immigrants with sanctuary city laws. They don’t care about Americns, they are evil, they need to be shouted down in their homes, kicked out of restaurants, confronted in the supermarket.

Would you find that a welcome development, that Republicans decide what behavior justifies treating Democrats in the manner they see fit. I doubt it very much.

Better to live by equal rights for all and I might not agree with what you say but will defend your right to say it.



Sorry, I don’t even understand what you’re talking about any more. My initial statement was simple–act in reprehensible ways, and you are bound to get a negative reaction. You don’t get a super invisible shield from people’s ire just because you are a politician or whatever.


JFK knows. Feelsbadman.


Well that’s just it isn’t it, you can’t get your head around the idea that to the Republicans what the Democrats do is every bit as reprehensible as what the Democrats consider reprehensible on the part of Republicans.

Yet the Republicans and their supporters are not calling for harassment of Democrats and their supporters because they tried to overthrow a Syrian Dictator and only succeeded in killing half a million people, displacing millions and destabilizing the entire EU. Republicans are not suggesting Democrats are like Hitler and Goebbels because they support abortion which kills around 1 million babies a year.

Yours is selective outrage, dehumanizing the opposition party by calling them Nazi’s, then justifying “confronting” them in public, both the party and their followers.

It’s a formula, observe, diagnose and then offer a prescription. The observation is flawed from the outset as the facts are deliberately misrepresented and bald faced lies are told, by the time we get to the diagnosis, Trump being equivalent to the Nazi party we have already gone off the rails so forget the prescription even being remotely appropriate.

I’m pretty shocked you can’t see what a bad idea this is, perhaps it’s desperation on the part of the Democrats to lash out like this. It seems to me they are truly lost.


So what if it is? For all I know or care, it is. I’m talking about what I find reprehensible here. That’s not too hard to wrap your head around. If they find something that reprehensible, more power to them.

This is all a crock of shit in my opinion. But hey, maybe they think differently. How should I know?

I didn’t call anyone nazis, wtf? And of course it’s selective. I don’t go around being outraged at everyone. When I have a reason to do so, I will. Dehumanize? Baloney. I am legitimately opposed to and angered by their policies. This is not like some kind of normal, peaceful opposition. I’ve told you before about my opinion that all political parties in the US were more or less the same. But things are different now. I have no respect for them or their party, and I won’t demean myself or our political system by suggesting any less when that is the case. If they are worthy of respect, I will respect them. They aren’t.

Blah, blah. I’m opposed to them for legitimate reasons, you don’t have any kind of monopoly on the facts.

I’m pretty shocked by your position as well, but it is what it is.


No, you came in on your high horse telling the posters here how less compasionate they were than you. A reminder.

The fact is there is a shit sandwich and there is plenty of pity and sadness to go around.

I feel sympathy for people who live in dangerous south American countries that need to flee for their lives. I am saddened by legitimate cases of legitimate cases of appeal to asylum being rejected or impeded. I am saddened by human traffickers exploiting loopholes to sell children.

I can go on and on, listing things which form part of an overall equation, all of which are lousy and wont leave you with the feel goods.

Also I never meant to imply you personally called anyone a Nazi, but you seem to buy into the idea the administration is evil enough to justify being targeting, and by extension their supporters.


And I said that for a reason. Trump instituted this horrific policy, which he was forced to rescind because of massive opposition from all quarters, and all we got here was the same kind of stuff as when Trump does anything else. So why should that be any different?


We can agree bad policy can get implemented with the best intentions. Attributing malice seems to be a trait and recurring theme in Democrat dialog, if you can call it that.


Calling baloney again. We’ve seen plenty of malice towards Democrats all the time, and any kind of attribution you like. I’ve been a centrist and an independent my whole life. This is all new ground for me.


In which case you are going to love this has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans. Tell me, why exactly did McCain (a Republican) or at least his senior staffer, suggest to the IRS they audit to death the tea party (also Republicans).

You may say, “I don’t know anything about that”, which is fine, but that was the seed for all that is happening now.


First, did it happen? I looked at the article you posted, but I wasn’t able to get much out of it. Ok, maybe it did. If it did, and if he broke the law, prove it, throw his ass in jail and anyone involved. No skin off my nose.

What else is that supposed to mean to me?


This was a systemic shift in the Republican party. At least to part of it, Democrats might not care because they see Republicans as monolithic. This was the opinion of the offended part of the Republican party and you should care because they were in no small part the driving force to elect Trump.