The This Is An Outrage thread


I wasn’t asking anyone to restart that debate, Miksky. My tongue was somewhere in the region of my cheek, if that’s not too vague.


To wit, I would note I haven’t commented on if they were within their rights to throw her out. Pointing out the hypocrisy of using an argument that was wrong when the Republicans used it to somehow justify the actions taken are wrong in this case too is another thing.


Everybody’s a hypocrite. And everybody’s a Nazi.

But not everybody is winning bigly.


Have to read into this to understand what prompted this, as Waters keeps on getting whackier.
Don’t think Trump has given Waters a tweet nickname yet. Betting lines open?


Wow. It’s not every day Pelosi is the voice of reason.

I suppose it could be Stockholm Syndrome.

Schumer’s also clutching his pearls. Either they’re worried about midterms or they actually do have a sense of… what’s that word again… decency?

A trip down memory lane with our worst rated former president:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the only difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior is what you can get away with, and that’s always shifting. Kathy Griffin got caught on the wrong side of the line a while back because she wasn’t paying attention to where the lines was headed. Right now the line is extremely unstable, kind of a blur. This is what happens when you attempt to enforce a double standard and get called on it. The line is in a quantum indeterminate state. You don’t want to be the cat in the box right now.

I’m optimistic that free speech will win out, and punching will quit the field in disgrace.


I was also like:



Dibs on Mad Max.


Not that I have much compassion for government bureaucrats, but…

It’s not shaming; it’s doxxing. Shame died long ago. What’s not dead is lefties shooting people over political disagreements. We haven’t forgotten Scalise, have we?

What happens when the would-be victims shoot back?

Anyway, they won’t be doing the cause of gun control any favors.


“We need to take away your guns so we can doxx you”…uhm…well, it makes perfect sense.


This one could have gone into Retarded News…

Fact checker? Consider another line of work.


“ICE also lied about me, saying I originated the scrutiny of Gaertner’s tattoo, misspelling my name"

To be fair, I’d have no idea how to spell her name as well, let alone pronounce it.


True, or False?


Thinking of the children:

The guy’s all heart, ain’t he?


How to call them on it:

All the Dems need do to counter this is quickly distance themselves as far as possible from, er…

(An animal can escape any trap by chewing his own leg off. But then he’s down one leg.)


I don’t understand her point…


They are bringing out the big guns like “intersectionality” to invalidate any hurt feelings Trump officials may have from being shunned and harassed.


0h, ok. But “civility is a creation of white people” sounds a lot like white supremacy to me.


I’m still trying to figure out if she means it. Not sure that matters, though.

My take: it’s about class, not color. Civility traditionally has been a luxury the upper classes indulge in, as an ostentatious signaling of wealth and privilege. “We’re superior because we’re civil” actually means “we’re superior because we can afford to be civil.” Put everything on a doily and avoid cuss words and call yourselves quality people.

But now the cry-bullies have used civility as a means of emotional blackmail. Nowdays the meaning is reversed. Now, if you’re civil, it means you submit to your masters, who enjoy the privilege of being uncivil to you.

This isn’t so much a new meaning as something that was always lurking beneath the old. People have always been selective as to whom they’re civil to.

It all boils down to which finger you extend - the pinky or the middle finger.

At one point, the bourgeois invented the notion of civility as equality: everyone just be civil to everyone because we’re all good people around here, right? Let’s just have a nice yard party and then we’ll play Scrabble. That only worked in the middle class neighborhoods, and only for a few decades. Now that bubble is burst, the very idea seems ludicrous.

This civility never really caught on in Queens, and the Annoying Orange came of age before the cry-bullies came out in force. Which is why we have the current kerfuffle.

“Have you no decency, sir?” has been a laugh line for many years now. But the cry-bullies and blue bloods still don’t realize that.


Here? The retarded news? The narrative thread?


This is a rather long article but interesting.