The This Is An Outrage thread


haha . Jonathan Pie on Identity Politics He criticizes Left and Right equally in his Reports .


All his videos are pure gold.

Every single time a software house release a videogame with the token “strong female lead” that cannot be changed I feel just like he did about the rainbow cup.



A preview of extreme umbrage to come:

This guy’s not always right, but we’ll see how this prediction pans out.


Donald Trump makes a black person cry!

No, not Obama. A real black person.




Violence against blacks:


Still no announcement, and already:


Yeah, good luck with that one. :rofl:


what will the dems do if Trump picks a woman as new Justice? will they disband their party altogether, or go with the “evil republican white wooman” approach?


Are you referring to that Christian woman?

These people hate Christian chicks. They don’t put out.


So if the becomes the new Justice she’ll be labelled a bigot Christian who’s only there to serve the patriarchy…I can already see the CNN headline.


Ah, you’ve been in a US airport recently?

They’re already attacking her. I smell fear, and so does…


Here come da judge nominee. Let’s fill in the blanks with a name: Brett Kavanaugh.

Yeah, whoever.

Don isn’t always right, but it looks like he nailed this one.


No comment on who’s more qualified as a judge, but I still say most of the things Donnie gets right are really Ivanka’s doing. God forbid anything should happen to her while he’s still in office!


Are you saying he cares what a woman thinks?


Yes Rollo, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Now where did I put that “completely useless” thread?.. :thinking:



It’s more like, we treat black people like shit, so we should treat white people like shit, too, instead of we treat white people better so we should treat everyone better.


Some perspective on, well, a lot of things:

Gotta signal those virtues, no matter how ugly it makes you look.