The This Is An Outrage thread


Less Robert Bork, more Clarence Thomas:

High school indeed.


Well that escalated quickly!

New accusation “Brett Kavanaugh stuck his penis in my face” followed up new questions to ask Kavanaugh from the creepy porn lawyer, gang rapes, drugging women, lines (aka trains) of men lined up to take turns raping intoxicated women. What a fucking shit storm.


It is becoming ridiculous and very transparent now . I would imagine that not one Senator on the panel would survive such scrutiny of their teenage party years . Basically , I feel there will be no candidates “ suitable “ ever again for a SCOTUS position in the future . Even the most biased observers must see the game of Politics going on here . Seems a sure fire way to get zero done . The Constitution is being ignored for the Accused . I only hope that one day the accusers can be brought to account IF the claims are untrue . This could have been addressed long ago … indeed , should have been . My only hope is that the average American can see what’s really going on here .


Politics as usual.


When everybody is guilty, nobody is guilty. The more desperate the Democrats get, the dumber they get. I sure hope they wise up soon. The two party system doesn’t work when one party melts down completely.


Wise up? What they’re doing has worked for them in the past.

The Republicans need to be savvy enough and tough enough to counter it. A large segment of the voting public is mentally stuck in high school - or in the case of the snowflakes - kindergarten. The New left has worked for decades to dumb down the voters. They have largely succeeded. The Republicans need to work with the culture we have. They go low, you go lower. Because the target is the voters, and you don’t want to be going over their heads.

If they attack every single Democrat who’s facing such accusations, it would be too late for November, because it would look like rank hypocrisy. But it would help in the long game - say, 2020, by making this sort of tactic ineffective for anyone who tries to use it. Never let them get away with double standards, even if that means you can’t get away with them either. When they counter by calling you a bunch of hypocrites, just shrug and say “who isn’t?”


That is the mentality I would suggest from a very right wing perspective. Mildly satisfying perhaps to that group but its not going to win any moderates over.

The moderates are sick of this behavior, shutting down the government, if that comes from the right, they will be blamed, same if it is from the Democrats all the while trying to blame the Republicans, they get the blame.

Same with SC nominees, I expect you might have been cheering when the Republicans failed to fill the SC with an Obama nominee, but I think more moderate people saw this as a shit head move. Now the Democrats are behaving like shit heads, maybe it is as Tempo described, politics as normal, but I wish this wasn’t the normal.


The moderates don’t matter. There aren’t enough of them, and they don’t organize well.

The trouble with moderates is they have no clear idea of what they stand for, because everything that’s concrete is something they’re against.


I prefer Aristotle reasoning to that of Nietzsche , Marx and Co., when it comes to Law.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
The Law is reason, free from passion.
But maybe I missed out on all those German Philosophers…I tried to read quite a few but Descartes seemed to propose absurd theories , which of course could not easily be proved wrong, much as the argument for the existence of a Deity.

If we observe life itself and our own experiences, we should be able to determine our own moral choices without resorting to analyzing every damn aspect of everything.
I hope that the emphasis in Education starts to allow all Students to debate/consider alternative views . Obvious that a lot of the division today is instilled early in life.
I am so outraged , I may write a letter.


Nothing wrong with people recognizing there are some crazy wacked out ideas coming from both sides of the isle and wanting to keep a distance. Also maintaining principles and a fixed yet should be applied equally moral code is hard to do when you take a side and selectively choose when to be enraged and when to ignore the facts.

Your race to the bottom comment where you say, “They go low, you go lower” exemplifies that very well. Silencing critics, sometimes though the use of force, making unsubstantiated claims of racism or sexual assault and then asserting it is the role of the accused to prove otherwise rather than the more traditional “a person is innocent until proven otherwise” is far from ok.

And I might ask, if you think all of that is ok so you can go lower than the other side in your quest to win more votes. What do you really believe in?


I go for daylight, at whatever height it may be.

If it means slithering under a gap in the door, well… twasn’t me put the gap in that spot.

You can sit and curse the darkness. Or you can light a candle. But me… I’ll go for the daylight every time. Candles are for weenies.


Rowland the enlightened! Everyone else is sitting in the dark with a candle at best. lol.

Although I have an idiom for you that might be more suitable, 井底之蛙 (jǐng dǐ zhī wā). Basically means a frog in a well, one of my favorite idioms I picked up here, means you can only see a small part of the world but are content in your habitat.


The main difference between an extremist and a moderate is that the extremist only hates one side. Another difference is that only one side despises the extremist. And no one takes a moderate seriously.

Basically it sucks to be a moderate. Even other moderates don’t much like him, because moderates can’t count on each other. They can’t even trust the muck under their feet.

And whenever things get real, the moderates get shoved aside - if they’re lucky, or run over - if they’re unlucky.


Another future Scotus nominee pulls out to save future problems.


Sounds like something an ISIS supporter would console themselves with. “It’s us vs them” and by “them” in this case they mean literally everyone else. But hey, they got the real hardcore version of their faith, everyone else is a wuss.

“Him”? Why “Him”, can’t women be moderates too? Anyway, enough entertaining your imaginary world of what and who people are, except to note.

Plenty of moderates, a quick google on “percentage of moderates in USA” has them at around 35%. Well , who knows perhaps you think that is fake news.


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Heads to explode:




interesting and fair take on the episode.
she had a great cameo on Seinfeld as his girlfriend who is his female alter ego.