The thread title of the day thread

Soliciting ideas for thread titles, because I suck at making thread titles (and also picking forums). I am particularly interested in thread titles for news stories and essays that I haven’t read yet, and want to share but am not sure how or where.

Salaciousness has been previously recommended.

aka: I need like a ‘thread titles for dummies’ book

An interesting thread title is all well and good, but you need to back it up with substantial content.

The following thread promises, and the opening paragraph delivers…

Also, deliberately switching ,“Their”, “They’re” and “There” is a sure fire way to generate some pedantic repartee

Good luck :+1:


If I were better at thread titles I would have a good one for this. Right now my best idea is “This is a real thing? I feel so betrayed of the day”. @Dr_Milker, do you have anything to say for yourself?

I highly recommend trying our company’s delicious and refreshing milk-flavored beverages!

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Beat you to it @tt

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Nice one, @jdsmith

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Are you not entertained?

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