The Tokyo Olympics 2021

For a joke made in 1998.

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Yeah kinda dumb
Goes to show anything you put on social media or any media could bite you later if you become anything

…when he was a comedian.

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I’ve long supported the idea of a permanent location for the summer games - have a facility in Rome that can be used for other major events throughout the year.

People forget that before 1984, few countries were interested in hosting the summer games and fewer for the winter. Every games in modern history has gone over budget. It used to be that hosts could earn a profit but the IOC now takes the largest portion of TV revenue and it’s hard to turn a profit and harder to figure out what to do with facilities when things are done.

China and Kazakhstan were, literally, the only countries to try to bid on 2022. When US cities consider bids, citizens organize protests.

I predict that we are viewing the end of the modern Olympic movement and that the spectacle of countries coming together, etc, etc, etc is nearing an end (and eventually will be China hosting a handful of countries every four years).


I’m all for the downfall of IOC.
It has sued small businesses with “Olympic”, “Olympian”, etc. in their firm’s name. Fuq 'em.


Two things that are illegal: Holocaust jokes, catching Covid.

Holocaust jokes aren’t illegal. Not easy to pull off but it’s been done.

Intensive care bear care to share? :wink: They might not be illegal per se, but might as well be, seeing the result of telling one. Just like Covid vaccines are ‘voluntary only,’ yet one cannot be part of society or free without getting them.

That being said, some comedians are allowed to tell Holocaust jokes.

Western society mostly. Heck Taiwan itself has had a lot of nazi displays by students over the years.

Plus not a problem in most of the muslim

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Any channels in Taiwan covering the Olympics?

Long post up-thread about watching the Olympics, but I’m not sure if it covers Taiwan.


Like black jokes perhaps only forgivable if a Jewish comedian were to touch on it

Black jokes tend to be accepted if the comedian is black

They can call themselves the N word and it’s often a term of endearment but non blacks even mentioning the N word is often found offensive

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I enjoyed
Watching the olympics but not sure if I would enjoy it without the crowds

The Taiwanese students really didn’t understand the horrors of WW2 and what the NAZi did

They just thought the uniforms look SICK (to use the modern vernacular where SICK means Way Cool).

And, on the other side, the Rising Sun flag doesn’t mean as much to younger generations in the US as a Nazi flag, for instance.

However, aside from all that, comedians should be able to joke about anything. Doesn’t mean it will be funny. Doesn’t mean that people will laugh. However, to be dismissed for a joke over twenty years earlier is something that I will universally oppose, regardless of what was said.

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Everyone who wants to be someone should not say anything on social media that can be used against them in the future or do anything

Because once you are someone many will dig up all sorts of. Stuff

I cannot wait until people are trawling through the archives of forumosa to find stupid sh&t some of us have inevitably posted. :neutral_face:



Not that I will ever be famous but most of my shit is lost in temp

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What a mess

But to be honest Taiwanese are first class or in this case business class complainers heck they could get a gold medal for complaining

They will complain about having to complain

Thanks BL, A very complete list. I will have a look at the options.