The trends that impact on global business

The trends that impact on global business during the next 5 years

Source: The McKinsey Quarterly, Global Survey of Business Executives, March 2007

  1. Growing number of consumer in emerging economies
  2. Increasing availability of knowledge/ability to exploit it
  3. Increasingly global labor and talent markets
  4. Shifting of economic activity between and within regions
  5. Development of technologies that empower consumers and communities
  6. A faster pace of technological innovation
  7. Increasing constraints on supply or usage of natural resources
  8. An aging population in developed economies
  9. Geopolitical instability
  10. Increasing sophistication of capital markets
  11. Adoption of increasingly scientific management techniques
  12. Shifting industry structures/emerging forms of organization
  13. Social backlash against corporate activity
  14. Growth of public sector

Customer service, IT/High-tech innovation, cross-cultural HRM/HRD, and what sectors else can we jump in to catch up with the trends?

I would also add a falling birthrate in Asia to that list

It is too bad that we aren’t CEOs, but the impact of the falling birth rate would be a long-term influence, not within 5 years.

I am thinking about the aging population problem.
I might have my thesis based on this phenomena.

Focus, honey, focus.
You’re gonna choke on a mouthful that large.