The trouble with soy – part 2

Soy and its related derivatives is a big part of the diet here. Soy prods are also a large part pf a veggers diet in their search to replace meat products. In this series we can see some of the effects found to be consistent with making soy, and soy products, a regular part of ones dietary intake.

[quote][b]The trouble with soy – part 2[b]
December 19, 2006,

Last week’s column (“Soy is making kids ‘gay’”) got a lot of attention – 500 e-mails and three dozen media interview requests – because it blindsided the overwhelming majority of readers.

Perhaps fewer than 10 percent of us are aware that soybeans are a hotly debated topic in medical circles today. Soy products – eaten, drunk, and slipped into thousands of commercial products – are rightly being blamed for a horrendous variety of medical conditions, several of them nearing epidemic status and a few of them irreversible. Pediatricians and other doctors are starting to see a growing parade of patients suffering from serious symptoms that were quite rare just a generation ago.

The shocking statements in my column produced much incredulity, the more so because I did not footnote or go into detail. I simply did not have room to introduce all the biggest problems with soy and do it in a scientific, footnoted format.

I will make an attempt to compensate for that shortcoming in this column and the next few. To keep within the length limit, I will tuck footnotes and excess text into one continuous hyperlink. You’ll have to click on each “footnote” to see the column in full.

Let’s start here: The most common question of the past week has been, “If soy is so harmful as to potentially alter sexual physiology and behavior, why haven’t the Chinese and Japanese all died off or become homosexual centuries ago?”

Three interlocking reasons: Click here for the first two. The third is that Orientals simply do not eat as much soy as Westerners think. The average daily consumption in Japan (one of the highest soy-consuming countries in Asia) is at most about eight grams of soy protein. China and other countries eat far less.

Soy has never been a leading staple there like rice, fish or pork. Even going back to the 1930s, calorie intake from soy in China was rarely more than 1.5 percent of their diet, whereas pork provided 65 percent! No comparison. Traditionally, soy plants were plowed under in fields as fertilizer. Soy was a poverty food, eaten heavily only by the poor in times of famine. (Grazing animals don’t like to eat it, either.) People have always eaten soy in small portions as a condiment or a supplement with a meal. The highest intake of soy in Japan is among monks, who eat it to turn off sexual desire. (Think about that the next time you’re in the grocery store.)

By comparison, the FDA has encouraged Americans to eat 25 grams of soy protein a day as a way to prevent heart disease. This FDA health claim has doubled the consumption of soy protein in the U.S., yet was recently discredited when the American Heart Association changed its position on soy, now saying that soy does not lower cholesterol and does not prevent heart disease!

You couldn’t say that FDA opinions are for sale to the highest bidder, but they were influenced by a campaign and formal endorsement request by the soy industry, which includes giants like Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill and DuPont. When the mud hit the fan during the investigation period, the FDA quickly modified its stance, limiting its endorsement to just basic soy protein instead of the isoflavone (estrogen-mimicking) ingredients in soy. The problem with that is soy protein contains those dangerous plant estrogens. This is why two of the FDA’s most distinguished scientists, Drs. Daniel Sheehan and Daniel Doerge, protested the FDA health claim in a public letter.

If you think you don’t eat much soy, think again. Though only 15 percent of us eat a mostly-soy product once a week, 55-70 percent of all processed foods in supermarkets now have some soy in them. You can’t escape it. Soybean oil accounts for a whopping 79 percent of the edible fats used annually in the U.S.

Health-conscious people are likely to eat the most. Even a moderate vegetarian or soy fan would think nothing of tossing down eight ounces of tofu, a quarter cup of roasted soy nuts and a glass of soymilk daily, and that’s far, far more than any normal Japanese individual would be likely to consume.

But the worst victims of soy are babies. Per kilogram of body weight, the average Japanese in 2000 ate 0.47 milligrams of soy isoflavones daily, while the average U.S. baby drinking soy formula got 6.25 milligrams. Isoflavones are testosterone-suppressing female hormones.

What is that doing to their sex organs and their sexual orientation? Tune in next week. The story gets worse, much worse.[/quote]


disclaimer: I was a partner in a company that formulated, developed and marketed products based on soy sprouts in conjunction with nutritional supplements.

It is important to know the background of the viewpoint that the author is coming from. He’s no moderate himself.

The previous article contained links to articles by Jerry Falwell and Pat Boone.

[quote=“Matchstick_man”]It is important to know the author is coming from. He’s no moderate himself.

[quote]James Rutz is chairman of Megashift Ministries and founder-chairman of Open Church Ministries. He is the author of “MEGASHIFT: Igniting Spiritual Power,” and, most recently, “The Meaning of Life.” If you’d rather order by phone, call WND’s toll-free customer service line at 1-800-4WND-COM (1-800-496-3266).[/quote] The previous article contained links to articles by Jerry Falwell and Pat Boone.[/quote]MM -
What specifics presented do you dis-agree with?


His claim that tofu makes people (presumably only men) gay and/or somehow messes up people’s hormonal levels.

I clicked on a whole bunch of links, and the links that go to somewhat authoritative sources (e.g. FDA) only dispute some of the health claims made by some tofu manufacturers and the links that say that tofu is actually harmful are from a bunch of quack doctors trying to sell books like Tofu: How the Liberal Media is Trying to Control Our Precious Bodily Fluids.

Just point to one controlled study published in a peer-reviewed journal that says tofu somehow affects hormonal levels and I’d consider their argument. Everything else is pseudo-science FUD baloney.

Where was that other thread that said veg’s were smarter? This sheds a whole new light

From the first article: [quote]Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality. That’s why most of the medical (not socio-spiritual) blame for today’s rise in homosexuality must fall upon the rise in soy formula and other soy products. (Most babies are bottle-fed during some part of their infancy, and one-fourth of them are getting soy milk!) Homosexuals often argue that their homosexuality is inborn because “I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t homosexual.” No, homosexuality is always deviant. But now many of them can truthfully say that they can’t remember a time when excess estrogen wasn’t influencing them.

Doctors used to hope soy would reduce hot flashes, prevent cancer and heart disease, and save millions in the Third World from starvation. That was before they knew much about long-term soy use. Now we know it’s a classic example of a cure that’s worse than the disease. For example, if your baby gets colic from cow’s milk, do you switch him to soy milk? Don’t even think about it. His phytoestrogen level will jump to 20 times normal. If he is a she, brace yourself for watching her reach menarche as young as seven, robbing her of years of childhood. If he is a boy, it’s far worse: He may not reach puberty till much later than normal. [/quote]

There is no proof homosexuality is always deviant. There are gay communities where it is the norm. The author is coming from the fundamentalist Christian Sodom and Gomorrah perspective that homosexuality is evil.

All true. I’ve got little titties and my knob is down to less than 14 inches (flaccid, of course). Irishstu will make me a laughing stock – I’m BOUND to have the smallest one on now. And I get sexual confusion, too. Just last night some girl was coming on to me and I got all confused. I’m MARRIED, for chrissakes!
Curse you, evil tofu!

The Wikipedia page on soy has a link to this Guardian article, which is a bit more grounded on factual basis. In short, there is indeed evidence to suggest that the isoflavones in factory-processed soy products can mess with an infant’s hormonal levels and as such giving soy milk to an infant can be dangerous. On the other hand, there is not as much evidence that fermented soy (e.g. stinky tofu, miso soup) can have any sort of effect on adults.

And on a sidenote, I was a vegetarian for a couple of years when I was in college. One of the main reasons was because it was pretty darn cheap, so buying all of those expensive frou-frou tofu products would have defeated the purpose.

Well, for what it’s worth, recently our funloving evangelical/fundamentalist Christian types here in the US are trying like heck to push to the American mainstream this idea that soy is feminizing and will make all our boys are girls. This is another in a long line of their bizarre ideas, ideas which include the idea that the world is in its end-times, that the Teletubbies are gay, that Proctor-Gamble is masquerading as a satanist corporate entity, and many others that frankly I find too weird to pay much attention to (how many times can you read about these people allowing something they read in the Bible to paint them in some odd, ridiculously obtuse corner of pseudo-logical thinking before you throw your hands up and conclude, jesus h christ these folks are a friggin’ workout!?).

I’m not sure why soy is on their shit list right now, and I am frankly too disinterested to find out. But TC’s original source is a pretty reliable mouthpiece for these kinds of ideas. I’m sure if somebody wants to spend a few hours of his or her life trying to root out what’s behind this newest nonsense then you can find out what they’re up to here. Me, I think life’s too short. (easy rule here: if you read a strikingly new idea at, or, then you can bet money that the bit is a time-sink with only sentiment as the payoff in the end, after all the “facts” have been debunked by some poor bastard with more time than you…going further: it’s very likely that the sentiment will involve politically correct displays of US patriotism, the Bible, US military forces, or libruls-as-the-enemy).

Just sayin.’

Flike -
So soy, and soy derivatives, are working fine for you then?
As anti-oxidants? What?

I was reading somewhere how soy in the form of tofu helped the Qin (I think) army unite China, as they say. Basically a few wagons of tofu and off to battle they went making them less reliant on squeezing the local folks along the route. Thus a larger battle ready army and one that could move in any season.

In the last words penned by author Qu Qiubai (瞿秋白) just before the KMT shot him, “tofu is delicious, perhaps the best food in all the world.”

It’s fightin’ food.


A toast to yer post!