The TSMC Thread

Taiwanese people pronounce it as Sin-tik

I was talking about Taiwan Mandarin but Shinzu is a Hakka area.

Completely incorrect. Sin-tik city was completely Holo.



Earlier on the Holo and Hakka had several conflicts over Sin-tik city, and the resolution was that inside the city it would be completely Holo. After the construction of the stone city wall, there were another 2 major Holo Hakka conflicts, but the status was unchanged. That is why in Sin-tik city today, most elderly people would converse in Taigi and not Hakka. The Science Park is inside Sin-tik city.

The assumption that people in Sin-tik and Biâu-li̍k are all Hakka is pretty biased and historically incorrect.

I’m.just amazed that anybody cared about Hsinchu city that much. :neutral_face:


Shinzu and Miaoli areas are half and half.

My political agenda includes restoring Sin-tik’s territory to the glorious days of Shinchiku shū.

TSMC’s chairman to be on 60 minutes. Must watch.


TSMC finally getting the spotlight it deserves. Can only be good news for the stocks.

I don’t mean just this specific interview. TSMC has been getting more media coverage recently.


Good video on what goes into building a TSMC fab, why it’s so expensive.

Plenty of interesting videos on this channel, some have probably already been posted in this thread or others.

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That’s a good series. They’re not all 100% accurate, but very informative nonetheless.

Holy crap. Mediatek only forecasted 35% themselves. Everything going on is exceeding and expectations and unreal.

I’m sure TSMC knows about Arizona’s upcoming water shortages, but still wondering why it didn’t choose Idaho (also dry, but not in any severe water drought conditions, and has decades of experience with high-tech manufacturing) or even western Washington, where no worries about a drought exist, for its new 1 (or maybe 6 as Taipeitimes reports today) fab in AZ.

Can click on first link below to see most recent drought conditions in the U.S.

'United States Drought Monitor > Current Map > State Drought Monitor

Idaho has earthquakes.

Show me ones that are bigger than Taiwan’s please. Like in the 6+ to 7+ range.
The only thing Idaho has negatively is it’s in the pathway of Mt. St Helens if it blows again. Less likely than a severe drought in Arizona in next 5 years.
Anyway, just a talking point.

If the tax incentives are high enough, you can get water from almost anywhere :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: