The TSMC Thread

This is getting outa control.

It’s called risk management by TSMC and getting preferable deals elsewhere to help with the risk management.

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Tesla decided differently

Those still aren’t car chips. They’re chips for video games inside a car.

What is a car chip?

“For Tokyo officials, the Taiwanese company’s move marked a much-needed vote of confidence.”

Chips that go into cars have to meet automotive grade standards for reliability, temperature, and and long life support. To Tesla and AMD, these are car chips. They are spec’d differently, with distinct part numbers and pricing than consumer grade chips.

They’re still not the most advance chips. From the article @tango42 posted:

It makes as much as 60% of the less-sophisticated microcontrollers that car makers need as their vehicles become more automated, according to IHS Markit, a consulting firm


For other car companies, yes. Tesla is redefining the car compute architecture.

The advanced AMD chips are for the video games Tesla is adding into the car.

The chips needed to run a Tesla are not advanced.

Of course not.

That does not mean the chips aren’t advanced. It means they have one purpose. It’s a one chip one system.

The technology in a modern car is very advanced. From the engine controls, pollution controls, safety systems, infotainment systems to basic user inputs and user touch points.

You mean something like monitoring few dozen sensors and spitting out pre-defined commands?
Reliability is a different issue.

Obviously it’s that simple. That’s why there is a shortage of automotive chips.

Obviously not an automotive only.

Obviously that was the discussion I was replying to and hence what you replied to.

Never mind :beers:

But they don’t have to be that small, like phone chips do.

How many nanometers are those chips?

Nanometers does mean what you think it means.

As has previously been explained to you. Automotive chips have strenuous quality standards to meet. It’s not a matter of size.