The ugly Hoklo


The fellow Kuomintang member, Legislature President Wang Jin-pyng had said it is not appropriate for a minority ethnic group to govern a majority one. [/quote]
I guess the Hoklo ethnic card was going to be used sooner or later in Taiwan’s presidential election. I thought it would be interesting to document these ugly comments, which passes for proper political discourse on the island.

The link is something about Ma, but anyway…

[quote]The fellow Kuomintang member, Legislature President Wang Jin-pyng had said it is not appropriate for a minority ethnic group to govern a majority one.[/quote]Not even the “minority ethic group” elected the “majority ethic group” ? It’s inappropriate for the USA to have a black president ?

Ma was responding to comments that he wasn’t Taiwanese enough. Wang his political rival in the KMT, just tossed in that comment. USA is like light years ahead of Taiwan in terms of race relationships at this point. Wang’s comment basically eliminates Hakka and aboriginals from ever seeking the highest office in the land, let alone WSR.

KMT showing their racist colours. again.

any mention of race is basically racist. who cares what your ethnic background is, its what you do that matters.

[quote=“urodacus”]KMT showing their racist colours. again.

any mention of race is basically racist. who cares what your ethnic background is, its what you do that matters.[/quote]

It’s a good thing the DPP never does that.

Seriously, Wang really shot himself in the foot with that remark. Why couldn’t he just wait for a verdict in the Ma trial and then start spouting rhetoric? I swear, it’s like nobody really wants to be president. They should do a reality show about it.

Also “Hoklo” is a strange word. Invented by a professor and not actually used in Minnan language.

Would you prefer Holo to be used instead?

yeah, well, DPP KMT, TSU, ANC, KKK, black panthers, etc etc: whomever plays a race card is being racist.

Care to elaborate a bit on how ethnic/racial awareness can be used to positively or negatively effect society?

At least Holo is an actual word and the Minnan equivalent.

The way AC uses “Hoklo” is too close to the way “abo” is used by some racist Australians for comfort. Or “Jap” or “Paki”.

Hoklo looks like an actual word to me…

Only in your warped mind.

You’re the one who brings race into every discussion of Taiwan politics. For most Taiwanese, it’s a non-issue.

If it is non-issue why are the distinctions between WSR and BSR brought up during election time by the Hoklo?

Seems like some find to issue relevant enough to base their votes on. If it was a non-issues politicians wouldn’t even mention it because it wouldn’t motiviate people to vote.

Why is it some voters find it unthinkable for someone of a WSR background who doesn’t speak Minnan to seek higher office in a democracy in ROC?

Why is it that everyone else on this forum ignores you?

Why is it that you ram into the ground an issue that no one else in the world outside of Taiwan cares about? Seriously, outside of this island, no one gives a shit about “Hoklo” vs. “waishengren”. No single person in the entire world gives a shit. You internal racism is your internal racism. No one else in the entire world cares. You can rant all you want, but as no one in the rest of the world can distinguish between “bendanren” (stupid native people) vs. “waishenren” (outside toilet cleaning people), no one in the rest of the world cares. Don’t you get it? For all your racist ranting against “Hoklos”, outside “waiguoren” are looking at you and thinking of that Star Trek episode where they had one alien with white on the right side, black on the left side, persecuting the alien with black on the right side, white on the left side. That is how a hardcore racist like you appears to the rest of us, who simply do not care about your petty racial nonsense. Most posters on Forumosa have sighed and long since given up on you; I am one of the few who still bother to engage with you. Give up your anti-Taiwanese obsession with the “Hoklo” - people that you have never actually met in your entire life, having spent the last two decades safely in NYC - and try to treat Taiwanese people like actual people, not peasant “Hoklo”.


Well they better start caring before they throw their support behind another racist Hoklo in the DPP. Or Taiwan really going to end up in the shit hole.

So the individuals who warns other people of the racism in Taiwan is himself labelled a racist…maybe in your warped world.

Don’t worry I’m just building up to my grand “I told you so” in the next 10 years.

Um. so what about the racism that went on from 1947 to 1987 in Taiwan, don’t you care about that - at all?

No, I guess you don’t. The people trying to rectify the situation are “racists”…in your world.


You hate white people in America. You hate “Hoklos” in Taiwan. Is there any place in the world where you can ever fit in? Doesn’t this say more about you than the so-called “racists” around you?

Trust me, 90% of the Taiwanese in Taiwan don’t hate you because of your heritage, and most people in contemporary, white-minority (at least in the urban areas) America don’t care about your skin color. Brush that chip off your shoulder and for god’s sake, son, get laid. That’ll cure a lot your problems.


I don’t know who you are projecting onto my id. But I assure you I’m not that person.

If you wish to address the issue of ROC re-introducing Sinification on Taiwan as a form of racism, feel free to state your reasons. But the ROC taught about unity through a common identity for all on the island. By my generation no one ever spoke of WSR or BSR in schools or public settings, that is until the DPP decided they needed a platform to compete against the KMT.

But then again the leaders in the DPP are in a generation or two above mine. So maybe they enjoy redressing and recriminating issues long past. Even Wang of the KMT feel that Hoklo are entitled to something just by being the majority, probably augumented with feelings that he is senior to Ma and is next in line for the presidency.

However, I always believed that a society should be a “color” blind meritocracy. The people regardless of their background rise and fall because of the merits of their achievement. People are individually responsible for dealing with their resentment as other people surpasses them in life. Perhaps if they are productive they can take that resentment and motivate themselves to do better.

I do question the wisdom of leaders, like Wang Jin Ping, who feel the need to stoke the sub-ethnic hatred on Taiwan. Even if his feelings are valid about an era long past, how does that help Taiwan move forward and progress as a whole? How do you think in the minority sub-ethnic group feel about this comment?

This issue should not be swept under the rug in hopes that it resolves itself. But instead Hoklo leaders that harbor this kind of resentment should be held accountable.

LOL. ac, you must be off your meds or something. You’ve gone two whole pages without mentioning Wu Shu-jen’s fainting.

Quentin, don’t waste your time with ac. He’s one of those servile pro-authoritarian types who thinks that identity politics in Taiwan are an exercise in “racism” although neither mainlanders nor Taiwanese constitute a “race” in any sense that word is used in the real world. Ya gotta feel sorry when you can’t tell the difference between a poster and a Turing machine…


In another thread, AC admitted that he didn’t like the locals because they bullied him at school.

He’s getting back at them, by posting here.

You can speculate on why he does not like white americans…


Well I guess we could use the term “sub-ethnic discrimination and prejudices” but that is such a mouth full. I took the liberty to use the common term “racism.” I think it is term is appropriate to describe the Hoklo desire to disenfranchise all non-Hoklo on Taiwan…

All I am suggesting that that these “racist” be held accountable, whether they be in the KMT or DPP.

The resistance to my suggestion surprises me, since the real minority on Taiwan are not WSR/BSR hybrids that are fluent in English. Who do you think these racist are going to come after when they are done with the WSR? Probably a group that can be identified at a glance, with the least amount of protection in society. Not many official consulate here on ROC, since many countries switch recognition 30 years ago.