The ultimate moral dilemma: Is it ok if we do it to them?

I could be arrested soon.

Police officer: Ms. S, what possessed you to tackle those two Chinese tourists like that?

Tash: Taiwanese… and anyway, I wasn’t attacking them, I just wanted to hug them.

Officer: Hug them?

Tash: Yes, hug them. I wanted them to be my friends.

Officer: :loco: … What were you thinking? You could have killed them, look at the size of you and look at them, they’re tiny!

Tash: bows big head in shame… tries to shrink and look tiny and innocent, but who are we kidding

Officer: Look at them! They’re so traumatized they will never come back to Croatia. And worse, what if they file a human rights complaint? If Brussels gets a whiff of this we’ll never be admitted into the EU. At this rate, Kazakhstan will be in before us! And it will be all your fault!

This scenario is quite likely to happen one of these days. It’s because I feel I can’t help myself. Whenever I see tourists that look like they could be Taiwanese I feel an urge to approach them and tell them I’ve missed them. Possibly hug them.

So, I’m here for some advice on how to avoid getting arrested. And to pose the ultimate morality question:
We complain about it so much when they do it to us, isn’t it hypocritical if we do it to them?

(in case it’s not clear, by “it” I mean approaching foreigners out of curiosity, to practice English, etc… which I never minded, btw, but in this case I assume collective responsibility.)

And if you think it’s ok to approach them, how would you do it?

Am I dreaming? Tash is posting again … ! … and she’s still funny … :slight_smile:

Be careful … the Chinese are trying to be like Taiwanese … or they could be Chinese spies, posing as Taiwanese …

Uhm … you mean practicing Chinese

Maybe she thinks she needs to practice her English.

Ha! She should practice looking diminutive.
(As if practice could possibly help.)

Look tash, just try not to trample the poor people with those waterskis you sport. If you can avoid that, the judge might let you off.

I plan on just staring at them and following them around like they do me. Then touching their face and telling them how dark their skin is and maybe once or twice yelling at them that they are just a foreigner and have no right to not be treated like a dog.

Don’t forget to hose them down.

And pull their hair. When we coffee remind me to tell you that story. Sheit!

Gde si bila bre!!!

hahahaa you guys crack me up !! :slight_smile::slight_smile: But oh no, that wont do. The Chinese/TAiwanese are NOT ready to be treated the same way they treat you . OH no !!

Well when they are in our countries they are foreigners and thus do not have the right to be treated as human beings or like they would wish to be treated. Too bad there is no major subway system in LA. I could ask them stupid questions and then tap them over and over when they ignore me screaming “NiHao” really loudly.

I say go for it Tash! Sod the law, which is what they do anyway… :wink:

If PC Plod intervenes just issue a few pai sei’s and look vacant…

Oh, and have someone on hand with a camera to snap the look on their faces :smiley:

grab their boobies too.