The United Nations at 60

That’s right. The folks that brought you the “oil for food” scandal, the “sex for food” scandal and most recently, the Kyoto cash transfer scandal is preparing for celebrations for it’s 60th Anniversery.

Well, to help them celebrate I’ve got two videos for you to watch.

Even one of the grand poohbahs of the Canadian Left is attacking the scandal plagued organization.

[i]It’s the title of an article in Macleans in which one anticipates learning that Stephen Lewis (of all people!) is turning on the UN to denounce the child prostitution scandals, the corruption in the Secretary General’s office, the betrayal of the Iraqi people by European and Canadian interests under the Oil-For-Food scheme…

It teases;

The United Nations and its agencies have endured their share of criticism over the years, but seldom has such a verbal shelling come from inside the tent. Stephen Lewis is Canada’s former UN ambassador, a special envoy to the secretary general on AIDS in Africa, an all-round humanitarian, and quite possibly the world’s most ardent multilateralist. But in a series of lectures to be delivered this week, he airs a good bit of the UN’s dirty laundry …

The chain rattles…

Lewis offers no apologies for dispensing tough love. “There is a tendency to think that dissent should be contained or that self censorship is to be applauded,” he writes in Race Against Time, a printed version of a text he’s to deliver at the annual Massey Lectures in Toronto. “I regard both sentiments as the last refuge of an intellectual wimp.”

Cry havoc!

The focus of his attacks: the world community’s failure to meet the so-called Millennium Development Goals, targets set by the world leaders five years ago to address the alarming spread of poverty and disease, especially in Africa.

…and let slip the poodle of women’s equality.

Lewis keeps a group photo of the UN secretariat, taken in 1985, on the wall of his study in Toronto; of 32 officials appearing in the picture, he observes, not one is a woman.

There is one passage in the piece that has the ring of leftist hypocrisy truth;

[…] over and over, he has left behind starving or disease-ridden children in squalid slums – often flying to the next international aid conference at some luxury hotel.

Lewis claims he felt an “underlying sense of guilt” about that - not enough, apparently, to bark about it at the time. Though, to be fair, that’s hard to do when the fangs are buried in expense-account foie gras.[/i]

I will summarize for you:

The UN is an evil cult.


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