The US-Mexico border thread


lets just say the idea of a perfect fence is different than a perfect wall.

But what is the purpose of building either of the structures? To act as a barrier right? Both act as a barrier, why is one supported and another is a sign or hatred, bigotry, racism, and the far right?

Bulgaria built a very effective razor wire fence. It achieved their objective.

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Fences do work indeed. Hello Hungary!

Yeah, you can probably achieve whatever trump wants to achieve with a steel structure more cheaply than one made of reinforced concrete. But, is it as cool as a big beautiful solid concrete wall sealing of the USA from the south? Obviously not, so we want a wall!

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moat with alligators seems cooler and way more effective.

FIFY :sunglasses:

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National Socialism had nothing to do with socialism!!1

checkm8, bigot!

Ah, right. I forgot that at the national level, socialism becomes rainbowfartingunicornism. My bad.

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Do your fence the American way I agree. Make it the “Mother of All Fences”. But yeah on a serious note if Hungary and Bulgaria can do it with a fence, then surely the USA should have bigger and better one than what those countries can do. Or is that racist to say ?:rofl:

Build the wence!

At a certain point, you run out of other people’s
gold fillings.

Too funny.

I’m not sure they considered the optics of this, before reporting it and laughing about it…
But it’s Cnn, so I’m not surprised.

I don’t understand. The first is an article by The Guardian (a British newspaper). The video is from a self-described fake news program. And to me, it is funny. Very funny.

I was talking exclusively about CNN. They spend a fair amount of time explaining why a border wall is bad and useless.
So they made a video showing people on the other side of the border committing a crime by stealing US property, and at the same time they showed that a fence or barbed wire itself isn’t enough.
It doesn’t really play well to the narrative:“We don’t need a wall, open borders for all”, so yes, it’s definitely funny, though the lemon guy and I are probably laughing for different reasons.

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I think this could show also how ridiculous the whole wall idea is as well. For example, this shows that the wall is not going to stop anybody, it’s going to be a huge endless money drain, and will lead to many unexpected costs, such as a wall to protect the wall! I think this is very bad for Trump as his nose will be rubbed into his fake promise to make Mexico pay for the wall every chance the opposition gets. This stealing of parts of the wall and personal use of the same by Mexican citizens is just yet another huge rub.

That’s not a wall, they’re stealing barbed wire. An argument that is common heard is:“There’s no need for a wall, a fence would be good enough and much cheaper”, yet this is just another example that shows the inefficacy of fence and wire.
Also, showing that people in mexico are stealing US property doesn’t really play well for the folks who like repeating:“They’re not criminals, they only want to come here for work!”. The optics of this aren’t really great.
I mean, I’m sure someone in Berkeley could watch this and think:“YEAAAH, FIGHT THE POWER!”, but showing crime against US property perpetrated by mexicans just outside of the border seems less than ideal if the argument is:“They’re not criminals, they only want to go to the Us for work”. For the average person this doesn’t look good.

BUT, the Cnn doesn’t pander to the average person.

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I don’t think Trump’s supporters will hold this against him. In the end this will only make Democrats look worse (if possible). And let’s face it: the act of Democrats rooting against the interests of the USA is about as ugly as it gets.


When I say “this,” I mean the whole wall fiasco. If it’s built, it won’t be effective, will go way over budget, and no Mexican funds will have been used to build it. If it’s not built, egg on his face, broken promise, etc.

As for ugliness, I think it’s all ugly. Both sides. Interests of the USA? What’s that anymore? And the egomaniac Trump is as guilty as anyone in this regard. I’ll add a meme that sums up my feelings if I can find it.

Here we go.


And just because it’s Friday.


Why do you think it won’t be effective. Some places have a flimsy barbed wire fence you can either step over or just lift up and duck under. Are you telling me a 30ft steel wall is no more effective than that?