The US Stimulus Check Thread

I know there’s a “Did You Get Your Economic Stimulus Check?” thread, but this is more about actually receiving said check, and what to do after you’ve gotten it.

  1. I got mine in the mail yesterday. It seems to have been delayed because the post office people in my area couldn’t decipher my address in English.

  2. $1700 U.S. dollars, or a little more than 50,000 NT.

  3. I haven’t claimed residency in the States for at least 12 years.

  4. I filed taxes for the years 2016-2019. I filed very early this year. I also did my FBARS. The address on the envelope matched the one I gave the IRS on my forms.

  5. I’m still not entirely sure what to do with the check. I’m going to try calling my bank today. According to what I’ve seen online, it is possible to cash a check in Taiwan, though it involves a fee and a lot of waiting.

  6. I asked three American friends about it yesterday. None of them had received their checks. None of them had filed their taxes.

  7. My dad told me my bank in the States has some kind of app that will allow me to make deposits and withdrawals online. I don’t want to use this app because I’d rather not have that kind of financial info on my phone, and even if I could deposit it over there I’d rather pay a fee here and get it now.

  8. I’ll post info about actually cashing that check if and when I know about it.

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