The USA enters the Sport Bike' arena

The FISCHER MRX - The American Exotic

How about Buell? Don’t they count?

[quote=“joesax”]How about Buell? Don’t they count?[/quote]Good Q -
And in reading the article further, the motor is built by Hyosung motors of S. Korea.
Looks a lot like this bike
or - if that site will not open - The GT650R

Even though it has a lot of refinements -

  • Beautiful Glynn Kerr design with composite body panels * Cast aluminum 3-piece main frame, 2-piece alloy swingarm * GP chassis geometry for optimal control * Easy to ride- around town or at the limit * Ohlins rear shock with Gemini linkage * Inverted forks with compression and rebound adjustments and Fischer-developed road and track settings * Liquid-cooled 90 degree V-Twin with DOHC, 4-valve heads for a user-friendly, high-torque powerband * Comfortable seat * Many available upgrades "

Still not ‘truly American.’

Check out this baby:

Wow. But something tells me I’d stick getting a MV Agusta F4 series. :wink:

Back at home I know a fellow Duc owner with one and he always takes the MV to work. Or the Ferrari.

I’m sorry Bobpine , Buell’s sound nice but suck to ride, ya think a belt drive would be smoother but it nearly rattled the teeth out of my head when I rode it on the twistys, rather light and torquey but I’d take a nicely tuned GSXR or R6 over it anyday.

hey guys, that’s what you get when you ride a harley…

yes, i know it’s not a harley but it sure does have that big chunk of 45 degree off-baance steel trying to jump out of the crankcases underneath you. mind you, they (Buells) have absolutely AWESOME brakes. have a look at those rotors on the front wheel! i suppose you need them with that massive weight to stop.

i did ride one a couple of years ago, and it is a monstrous improvement on the HD frame and approach, whch is probably better off pulling stumps out of the field than riding around on the roads. ridden several HD too, even a dynaglide. all show, no ride.

give me a 90 degree v twin anyday…

wish i still had my ducati. (well, i do, but its a long walk to sunny Australia)

the MV agusta is a mighty fine bike too, but i only know it from pictures, and once seeing the back end of one get very small very quickly. (i was stuck in a tintop at the time).