The Venezuela socialism death spiral thread



“Fellow citizens! I blush to say this: Independence is the only benefit we have acquired, to the detriment of all the rest.”

The freedom to make your own mistakes. More beneficial to some countries than to others.



Well tomorrow they have elections. Maybe afterwards they will release the passports they have been holding so Venezuelans abroad can’t vote. Anyways, since the elections are rigged, the point of such actions is moot. More than socialism, it is social revenge from the ones that had nothing towards the ones that used to ride high on the hog.


Problem solved!


My God, why has anyone thought of that before??? Someone must tell Corbyn! It will work great for the next elections!


Do they provide free pens to the masses to cross them out on the bills?


I think the only free shit they can afford at this point is the literal kind.


A ringing endorsement for holding Venezuelan currency!

“How much did you have yesterday?”
“2,500,000 bolivars!”
“How much do you have today?”
“25 bolivars”


The problem is that there are two worlds, maybe 3, in the same space. People still living the luxury life, people who benefit from the mess … and the starving masses.

Now both Nicaragua and Venezuela are locked by the same press, the same discourse. Example: Madame first lady said there are no dead, they suicides to make the government look bad…sigh.


Wow, they’re drowning in debt, their currency isn’t as strong as it used to be, and what money they do have, they’re planning to redistribute to the peasants because they still, kind of, support the government.

Oh, wait – that’s the US under Trump. :whistle:


Don’t call them peasants to their faces, or you’ll be facing the pitchforks.

(I wonder how they feel about the ethanol thingy?)


Did they fake all those men in uniform running scared?

If he had to fake it, he was in dire straits. If it was real, he’s in dire straits now.

Yes, it’s a shithole country, and Merduro is the lead shit.


But how do they pay their taxes and fees?



maybe that’s the point :slight_smile:

Interesting article. As you suggested, it kinda puts a nail in the theory that fiat currency attains it value because it’s the only instrument that can be used to pay taxes.


The Grauniad has a late sea change in its editorial position. Maybe waiting until people are starving before admitting it was wrong?


A modified limited admission of error. A day late and a dollar short.


The Chavez cheerleaders should hang their heads in shame, but they’re more likely to back-peddle.


What people like that do is try to change the subject and hope everyone forgets. Probably their best option.

I’d be inclined to let them, except they’ll just use the same bad reasoning to pick another bad cause to cheerlead for. That’s why we can’t let them live it down. If they learned, I’d say let them live it down, because everyone makes mistakes. But not everyone makes the same damn mistake over and over again.

Never let Jar Jar be taken seriously in political debates. Nothing good comes from that.


corbyn and friends try to avoid the topic; now that it’s impossible to use venezuela as a shining example of socialism while their people dig for food in rubbish bins alongside homeless dogs, you won’t find many corbyn fans pointing their fingers at venezuela and saying:“see??? it can be done, it works!!!”.

Just wait until maduro gets killed or there’s a coup, and venezuela will be added to the ever expanding list of:“by…by…but…it wasn’t real socialism / communism” and people will blame the Us, Putin, aliens, evil capitalists etc etc for its failure.