The Venezuela socialism death spiral thread


It would be a mistake to let them live it down. Rub it in their faces until we get a full admission that they reasoned from false premises.

These people seek political power. They must not be allowed to have it.


As if they even cared xD the millions of people killed in china, ussr, cuba, cambodia, vietnam etc etc are constantly swept under the carpet of the socialist utopia, and you think that some people starving in venezuela would change the minds of the left intelligentsia?

they’d rather tell you that Archipelago Gulag is fiction.



For the eleventh time, there are two parallel worlds -or three or four, who knows?’ in Venezuela.

You have the transational companies who shake hands with the devil anywhere to make business. Them and their subsidiaries and employees are still living high on the hog, flying to Miami on weekends, etc.

You have the not so large landowners or business owners who still make a profit, also having a good life.

The big land owners who had some of their huge plots of land taken away either by the government or the poor of the land, well, they also have their mansions in Miami and off shore accounts. They did not go broke.

You have the government people, taking bribes and stealing anything that is not nailed down. They are not wanting.

Then you have common salaried folk who do not make enough to buy at the expensive places and hence may go without toilet paper unless they know someone who knows someone… Their choice? Colombia or Argentina or up North.

And then there are the poor of the land who followed Chaves to the grave and will keep on following any pied pier who promises the eath and the Moon.

The government could be ultra right Nazi or advocate pastafarians, Venezuela would be the same mess. Different mask, different excuses, same bovine manure.





Dang, wish I got paid in tires.


And it’s buy one get one free!


Your dream is just one plane ticket away!


If only there were direct flights from Taipei.:cry:


Check out @PolishPatriotTM’s Tweet:

I don’t remember things being that bad even when Yugoslavia went bankrupt.


Many Venezuelans in exile have their hope sup… new coup in progrss. Tomorrow is gonna big a big day.


I believe the regime pays Russia and Cuba for protection.

It’s also said they’re falling behind on payments.


Isn’t the main opposition party a bunch of other socialists who think that the only reason why Venezuela is in its current state is Maduro, and that if they were in charge things would be better?


Failure is divisive. But division is diversity. In the end, Darwin will decide.

Let them learn the hard way, so long as they learn. And if they won’t learn, then to hell with them. Although it’s a shame to see an entire region’s natural resources squandered by mismanagement. I hear tell they’ve got oil. And bananas.


The problem actually is that there is no united single front against Maburro and his troops, both ideologically, politically, socio-economically, etc. They just want to go back to the Venezuela it was before, the gorgeous money flowing paradise. Please don´t wake them up yet.


Oil is a curse. Look at the Arab countries. No one shoudl put all their eggs in one basket. making a country dependent on a single export for money and imports for food is what has gotten us into this mess and is sinking the rest of Latin America.


That’s bad. but only in the short term.

The current regime is in irreversible decline. Now we have what amounts to a crowded primary for a challenger. If there’s no outside interference, the strongest faction will earn dominance, and the others will either rally behind or become irrelevant.

Right now the outside interference is on the side of the current regime.



Ruling idjits have finally lost most of the support of the military, only Cuban mercenaries by their side.


Typical bad reporting… the security forces, who prevailed, are at least half the story here, but the report can’t be assed to tell us who they are or how they get paid or supplied:


Please note AlJazeera reporters, along with most foreign reporters, were kicked out of the country years ago. It is very difficult to get any news out except from social media, mostly Instagram. The president of the Congress was posting through a celebrity´s Instagram.


That reminds me of Syria, where western reporters living in the west were reporting news about Assad using tanks and chemical weapons against its own civilians, while the handful of reporters actually in Syria were sharing photos and videos showing that none of that was happening in the way it was reported.