The Venezuela socialism death spiral thread


Again, I was making a methaphor. If you think I am so uneducated, well… What evangelicals do is much worse.

Maybe we can talk about US citizens, missionaries, reporters, killed during the 80s civil wars by operatives from US. have a look at that.


Didn’t mean to imply that you’re uneducated, and yes, the U.S. has done some bad stuff in Latin America. I was commenting more on your gift for hyperbole.

Yes, I know about all that, and it’s not pretty. But having those Central American countries become Soviet satellites probably would have been even uglier.


Always chasing the kids off the lawn.

And showing everybody else up by having a better kept up property then that crack house to the south.


It’s because he orders and fires that he is convincing.

Seriously. That’s as convincing as convincing gets. Strength is a strong argument. Weakness is a weak argument.


Ouch. :hushed:


If that’s your definition of legitimacy, then it’s a matter of timing. Kind of like weddings and births.

Maduro once had somewhat more support than he enjoys now. As for running the country successfully, that’s a matter of perception until the bill comes due.

Qadaffi sucked. Assad sucks. Chavez sucked. Maduro sucks. That’s reality. The only difference among them is perception.

Legitimacy is a social construct. Public opinion is fickle.


Proxies, proxies, proxies.

The regime created this huge mess. Now Venezuela needs to be mopped up like some toddler vomit in aisle three. But by all means, let someone else do it.

Not Russia or Cuba, though. They’ll only make it worse. On purpose.


Unfortunately, the cure was as bad if not worse. As in Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Chile, Ecuador, etc. fear of Communism did spark a wave of attrocities and dictatorships. The inequalities and lack of economic`participation are what drives us humans to follow the siren songs of promises like Communism or any other ism. Without fixing that, you have teh same problems deja vu all over again.

And I do write for a living.


The crack houses are in the north, we are just on the way.

Current vices turned to less organic stuff that is not exactly being produced in the hills of Colombia.


if Syria (with the US and Russia both inside) couldn’t trigger WW3, Venezuela certainly won’t.


Those places had atrocities and dictatorships long before Karl Marx ever put pen to paper.


Communism is always worse. Are you trying to argue that things would be better in Taiwan if the ChiComs had been allowed to take over?


China would like a chance, like they have done in Africa.

Now that opens a new front for the Wolf Warrior series in latin America.


Indeed, that is teh point.


Well, Communism fell eventually, no?

If you ask the KMT, they lost because the US did not support them in a certain battle. If you ask teh US general, he says he did not trust CKS and al. That gives you an idea of what kind of intervention it was.

Taiwan based business people took over the investing role after the 89 thinghie. One wonders what would have happened if China had then collapsed upon itself, break apart… and then reborn.


So it’s better to let countries suffer under Communism for many years until it falls than to keep it away in the first place? Interesting. :thinking:


China survived the Great Leap Forward as well as the Cultural Revolution.
Tiananmen was merely a flesh wound, so to speak. Just a 15-mile an hour speed bump.


Communism fell only in the Soviet sphere, and only after - and because - Reagan stopped enabling the Soviets.

Never, ever treat an evil or incompetent regime as a charity case. No grain shipments to Venezuela or Nicaragua. When your uncle has a drinking problem, you don’t give him money. You do an intervention.

And if the intervention doesn’t take, you tell him to fuck off.


Ideally would be to desmantle teh structures that caus eteh inqualitie sthat produce the so called “communism” - which has never been implemented nor existed outside Marx books.

May I remind you taht even in China they cannot discuss Marx?


Unfortunately, current policies not only give the uncle money but also an AK 47.