The Venezuela socialism death spiral thread


Hey, c’mon…socialists need cars too, man! Well, at least the party bosses.


It feels bad for the population, but afterall they elected Maduro.

It’a always interesting to see that fake “refugees” from random middle eastern countries who move to Europe for free $$$ and stuff get all the media attention, while citizens from Venezuela who fleed in order to get away from that mess get little to no mention. And there’s a ton of them fleeting to neighboring countries.


The fight is on


Man, that guitar looks deadly! I’m sure Maduro is shivering in his boots.


Depends on how he uses it.

or who wields it.


Unfortunately, all the guitar gods are probably on the side of the socialist Bolivarian revolution.



Carl the Cuck is just the cherry on top.


Well, the US is now looking at tax reform and spending cuts and all the horror stories of how this will lead to x, y or z group being further marginalized while important bureaucracies are cut and how there will be no more community organizers to, er, organize communities… Given the increase in debt in the US from $10 trillion to $20 trillion with NOTHING to show for that $10 trillion well, Venezuela might have some good company if things don’t change.


The new Venezuelan starvation diet:


Wouldn’t this be an ideal opportunity for Cargill or Monsanto to annex the country?

I dunno, Latin America just ain’t like it was in the 80s. What happened to United Fruit, anyway?


United Fruit was Guatemala in the 1950s and I would really like to see the proof that the US acted there just to protected said company. This is a shibboleth of the left. In the meantime, EVERY socialized/communized economy has FAILED and here we are again attributing dangers to US corporations? And where are those who march march MARCH against Fascism when it comes to REAL fascism? No where to be seen? No where to be heard? So much energy to march and wear hats and NOT ONE POSTER on Venezuela and the “socialist paradise” even though hundreds of reasons are given for their “activism?” What gives? We know and that is why no one respects or listens to the Left.


Tommy Chong started working for them. It went up in smoke shortly after.


This sort of thing makes me wonder if United Fruit and the CIA got a bum rap.


Guys, play nice. Jokes about UF and CIA are along the lines of joking about Pol Pot. You can erase the past, distort the memories. But we are still trying to find the bones of the loved ones shot just for being poor.


WE have proof of Pol Pot and his atrocities.What exactly is the “evidence” along the lines that you would like or appear to like to pursue? Happy to look at anything you have to show.


Please remember I grew up in Central America in the 80s. The CIA for me is the greatest drug trafficker or the killer of its own people. We helped translate loads and loads of documents and witnesseses statements. Don’t know where those are now. We are not a key component in global economy, so I guess the past is gone. I also wonder where the pictures of bombarded hospitals went. In the bowels of history I guess.

We were just pawn and practice targets. Not enough of a threat to be a real adversary. But they have done a great job in nurturing one, I agree. Though all this crying wolf is getting tiresome.


Ah but Icon they will mumble some rubbish or other about ‘knowing better’ than you and thinking they are funny.


Yep, and I counter with NAFTA arrangements and how the US comapnies who poisoned and esterilized workers in Central America never paid compensation even though US courts ruled against them -and when they paid it all went to the US lawyers, not the workers… We do this dance every year and every year they say it is the law of the jungle, markets are like that, socialism destroys economies, etc. Every year. Ad nauseum.

In summary, inequality, lack of social mobility, lack of job opportunities and most of all, ignorance -exemplified by both the rejection of new learning and denying access to those who don’t have it, open the door to al -isms and extremes and strife.

These guys like to blame liberal policies for the turning of their own country into “another Venezuela”. I was reading a public study that desegregation of education in the US worked until 1988. Then, it started making tremendous strides back and now segregation is firmly in place again. The same social immobility that turned one of the richest countries in the Americas into its Zimbawe.


Some Central American countries seem to have been worse off during Cold War I. Venezuela was one that seems worse off afterward. Where’s the correlation? It all cancels out.

Oh. Here’s a correlation: Latin American countries rend to suck, independent of other variables.

Some people seem born to be victims, just waiting for a victimizer to come along Some entire societies are like those hapless people.

Is it wrong to blame the victim? It depends. Weakness is provocative, and those who choose to be weak deserve what they get. I grew up among this kind of people. My life got better when I rejected my upbringing and rid myself of all the bad mental habits it engendered.

Belief in socialism is a bad mental habit.

I’m not at all convinced that Guatemala would have been better off without all that CIA meddling. There were always other meddlers to be had. Or… homegrown tyrannies galore in that part of the world.

People with AIDS don’t die of AIDS. They die of opportunistic infections. But we blame the AIDS, and rightly so. Let’s apply the same logic to the Third World. It comes in third for reasons.