The Venezuela socialism death spiral thread


Russia’s economy and Putin have a lot to gain if Venezuela remains unstable.

Propping Venezuela up as a near-failed state is in Russia’s financial interests and in Putin’s political interests. Putin is enriched if Russian oil is sold now and Venezuela oil is sold in the future (not now), since development of alternative energy utilization methods will devalue all oil in the long run.

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Socialist priorities.


Venezuelan socialism is not socialism!


Follow the money, barter version…


LOL. What a f’ing retard. It’s like the British shipping food out of Ireland in 1847.


USA has been sanctioning Venezuela for how long?


Isn’t this how Atlas Shrugged ends?

Literally, and figuratively.


Back on topic, currently trending in Venezuelan news, is that the deadline for Feb. 23rd is approaching.

Guaido has offered amnesty and that the government officials can stay. US is giving the option of maduro et al to leave with amnesty…except for a certain high official who seems to be also a very important drug capo.

However, way too many people are what we call enchufados, meaning they are making a bundle in their government positions and do not want to leave…plus Maduro himself who is setting up a nice public image nightmare for the US troops if they do enter…

…which inetrestingly the Maduro et al are calling invasion the humanitarian aid that is supoposed to enter the country the 23rd and running a nice disinformation campaign about the incoming food, insisting it is contaminated and poisonous and etc…which is also rich from the Maduro administration who give out a bag of food to people if they sign a petition not to have US intervention. Sigh.

Macondo has nothing on Caracas nowadays.


This is your intervention…


Taiwan has pledged humanitarian aid for Venezuela during a World Congress on the Humanitarian Crisis in Venenezuela, held yesterday in Washington D.C. An international conference …

Cuban and Chinese “aid” has already arrived… Aid from Cuba a week after they sent some there…

But the government says it is fake news:

The communications minister said the fact that more tweets are circulating about a “humanitarian crisis” in Venezuela than about one in Syria, where there is an outright war, pointed to an organized “fake news” campaign. He also suggested that Venezuela’s socialist system remains an enviable draw for myriad people in the region.

…which even the reddedst of the Chavistas in Caracas disagrees with…


Humanitarian aid is not a military invasion… unless you actually intend to help people against the will of the local government and are willing to do what that takes.

Charity, interventionism, imperialism, it’s all the white man’s burden. Shall we tell Atlas to shrug? It’s an uncomfortably small world, but Mexico is way closer to the US than Venezuela is. It’s the crack house next door vs the crack house a few blocks away.

I wonder if Taiwan has a workable plan to get that aid to those who need it?


According to Maburro and Company, the humanitarian aid is not needed and it is a cover in order to invade Venezuela…

Charity it ain’t, for sure. That we all know. But there is hunger and there is disinformation, both rampant in Venezuela. Let’s see which one wins.

Again, not all of Mexico is a crack house as not all of Venezuela is a mess. Both are huge. Both have highs and lows.

In thsi bit, Taiwan government does as Big Brother tells it. But the NGOs do have a plan, have been on the ground for a while and it is better not to talk about it lest China finds out and kicks out the real helpers.


When the crackheads are in charge, it’s a crack house.


Over 600 thousand people expected to attend the benefit concert for humanitarian aid in town borders close to Brazil and Colombia. Lots of star power, including Marco Rubio - hope he does not sing though.

The Maburro regime is organizing its own concert along with food giving in those border towns from which Venezuelans flee to Colombia and Brazil.

Once again: deadline is the 23rd.

Best interview of the week: a Venezuelan/US ex Marine who is on the ground looking for the ones who eliminated his rebellious pal with extreme prejudice -the helicopter plot ones. It is going to be a Rambo/Jacky Chen/Tom Cruise reenactment, without stuntmen.

Meanwhile, panic in Managua as word on the street is the gringos are going to bomb it and take it back to 1971.


Clashes along the border roads, as trucks destined to pick up humanitarian aid try to make their way through road blockades set up by the Army. Videos showing the army guys trying to take drivers out of their cabs… and being held back by the people.

Interstingly, the people, the poorest people from the favelas, who use dto be chavistas de corazon, have turned against their leaders and now are scrambling to let the trucks go through.

Meanwhile, Maburro is threatening to break up relations with Aruba, as it is one of the main points at teh border from which the aid is suppose dto go in.

And the Aid for Venezuela concert is still on, crowds on the move.


you mean “trucks that were going to join forces with the evil invaders” !


Actually, I am pleasdantly surprised to see the poorest of the people, who are usually cannon fodder, take a stand and help getting the trucks to their destination. So far, no shooting at the clashes. The military has to show some force or else they will be in trouble but no dead bodies, no blood spilled… so far.

Friggin Maburro is hiding in a bunker under a bunch of those “social benefit” homes, which means when the marines come, there will be a massacre.

And to this day, I would like to understand the Turkey connection. China is obvious, it is providing means to the regime so it can spy on its citizens, and geting oil and riling the US in return. But Turkey? Two narcodictaduras smuggling amapolas/poppies?


Isis did the same in Syria: they would capture a city, pillage the food then hide their base on the first floor or basement of civilian buildings so that any raid from Us/Russia/Turkey would show plenty of "Look at our poor kids 8( " photos.


Which could be true. As I said, same in Panama, same in Irak, same everywhere else. The regimes use the people who trusted in them as human shields. People do not know well enough to move/escape… or are forced to stay.

Again, on whose friggin side is Turkey?!

With all teh dirty laundry coming out on China, one hopes that Venezuela would switch to Taiwan. That would be fun.


The Maburro regime has closed all borders and sent the collectivos (armed thugs) into the streets. Armed forces ready to fight. Big Internet campaign, China would be proud. Oh and internal broadcasts is also cut.

On the other side we have idjits fighting with Molotov cocktails which so far have burned aid trucks. A Puerto Rican aid ship playing chicken with Venezuelan navy. And a mad gringo with a big Sequoya on his shoulder from last time his plan to invade did not work.

Did I say Panamá? This is going to be Irak II.