The Venezuela socialism death spiral thread


Who burned the aid trucks now?^tfw

Socialism eventually morphs into Stalinism.


Do they have weapons? Or did the gun grabbers get them?


Which ones have weapons? The guys the Maburro regime brought in from jails? Yep. The militia they have buses in from Caracas? Check. No need to grab, as said, the Government gives them motorcycles and heavy weaponery. These are no guns, but rifles.

As to the Army, 60 soldiers have so far crossed the border into Colombia. They are terrified of the people Maburro is trucking in.

Aid is not going through. One truck might have been accidentally burned by the opposition Molotovs, but the ones on teh bridges and borders are being burned by the Maburro militias and therefore no aid is going in.

The people from the favelas that are with the oposition now do not have the weaponery to match the Government militias. Even the indigeneous population has been fighting barehand… and have 2 to 4 casualties so far. But they have already done all they can, trying to get down the blockades. But it is again hungry and desperate people against indoctrinated souped up hardened criminals.

Rumor has it that Guaido might actualy ask for foreign military intervention.


Civil war ? If it didn’t kick off before wonder if it could happen now. Doubt Maduro has enough support in reality.



He´s got lots of firepower plus a lot of support from really mean people, as said, violent militias, professional criminals, etc. he also has a lot of “investors”, meaning invested interests, from Rusia, Turkey, Iran, China, and other unsavory places, not to mention this is a narcodictatorship with very deep underground connections. It is a cancer that has spread badly and cannot be amputated from Venezuela. The extraction will be bloody and deadly.


I’m starting to see why some people thought the 2nd amendment was a good idea.


The face of the US intervention couldn´t be uglier and it makes it very difficult to gather support, plus it gives somre credentials to the claims by the Maburro regime that the situation is not as painted in the media and it is fake news.

Abrams was untrustworthy, Omar said, because of his admission in 1991 that he had withheld information from Congress about clandestine efforts to aid the contra rebels. For the misdemeanors, he was sentenced to two years’ probation and 100 hours of community service. He was later pardoned by President George H.W. Bush and went on to serve President George W. Bush as a deputy national security adviser.

I see Abrams or Rubio making those disgusting threats and I can only think they are upset because someone is making out with their drug monies.


Not really. We go back to the same problem: you have drugged up, souped up, no conscience criminals battling…civilians, hungry people, men and women who will hesitate to shoot another human being.

We have had civil wars before. It is not weaponery what brings down the regimes. It is moral pressure that makes them lose support from their own side. Yep, like that. If the Army had defended Noriega, the death toll would have been higher. same with Somoza. He left of his accord when the support faded. But it took two generations.

If the Army fight on the people´s side, they may stand a chance of regime change in Venezuela. They have the training and the guts. They may not want to die for narcos. Most of the deserters are young folk. the older generation is jaded and bought off with narco money. Lots of it. That is why they cling to the sinking ship. Civilians cannot face the Army and the militias.


When you lose support of people who have guns, you’re finished.


depends on the size of the guns. This NRA fantasy is utter nonsense.

Maduro is bad, really fucking bad. ANYTIME we talk about Venezuela this needs to be the first thing mentioned, not American hegemony.


Army guys keep ruinning away to Colombia. The rest are locked up and threatened in their bases.

The Army, the country, the people, are all hostages to a regime backed by narcos and criminals.


Iran, Turkey, China, Russia…lots of help in the form of money to prop up the regime. Money to pay off generals who give orders. Money to buy gold to invest in Switzerland. Money to buy consciences to send the drugs up North.


Latest update is that Maburro is taunting the press, arresting and releasing later well known reporters from main outlets like Univision and BBC. It is like grabbing Mike Wallace and dangling him in front of an angry crowd saying: look what I can do! No one can touch me! These are all fake news, they have no power over me!


Solidly in post-legitimacy mode.

It’s all down to raw power now. But power is subtle, and thugs are not much for subtlety.


It would be better all around if they could pull it off without outside aid. But we have to be realistic.


There are already too many outside interests. The most dangerous ones, the narcos, are quite international… and dangerous.

Meanwhile, the Maburro regime keeps on murking the waters, accusing the US of staging the storie sfrom the hunger to the detention of the press corps… Ayayayayayyyy


Just an aside, is Maduro called Maburro in Spanish ?


No. But he is a burro -idjit. So the interwebs call him Maburro.*

Maduro literally means mature. It can also refer to a ripe plantain, you know, the starchy cousins of the banana. The jokes about that I cannot print.

*it is like certain sectors were calling Obama Osama or something like that.


Ah so that would explain what popped up when I searched for Maburro . :grin: