The Venezuela socialism death spiral thread


:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it


Then count on what? @discobot quote


:left_speech_bubble: I recommend you to take care of the minutes: for hours will take care of themselves. — Chesterfield


DB works in mysterious ways, Milko…


He appears to be telling you to take it easy and smoke a Chesterfield. I think he wants you to get lung cancer. :grin:


Should I follow Honorable Cow’s advice? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Without a doubt


Are you malfunctioning again? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Very doubtful


Are you sure DM hasn’t been feeding you grass again? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good


I told you he’d be touchy about the “replace” talk. Better repent while you have the chance. Time for the hair shirt and some vigorous self-flagellation!


Aha! So Milko did feed you stuff! :astonished:

You’d better watch out, Doc.


“Outlook not so good” means a negative answer to the question, so no, I didn’t give him any “grass.” My stash is only for personal consumption.


It was in response to your invasive treatment! Of course the outlook is not so good! :unamused:


Now you’re just grasping at straws. Better de-mothball that hair shirt posthaste.


I think the last dozen posts are heading to Tempurgatory, so we can both reflect on DB’s almightiness.

Am I grasping at straws, or is Doc doing it? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Very doubtful


You see? :stuck_out_tongue:


You didn’t even phrase that as a yes or no question. You just don’t understand discobot…